halfords-the most recent 'emergency' service?!

hi all

as some of u know i have been stuck at home recently cos of recent relapse. but i have worked hard-with help of gp-to find a medication to overcome my horrendous nausea-even being pushed in wheelchair caused it! am confident/hoping its a solution. next on the agenda (of mine!) was to be sociable so being able to get to the local bus stop was important. i can do it,with plenty stops and the assistance of my dollopy (4 wheeled walker!). but i have noticed the brakes aint too good on dollopy. phoned dept who issued me with it 4 yrs ago or so and was told that they aint responsible for repairs now but i could try halfords-they may be able to help!

i have since contacted a friend of mine who confirmed she was told the same! is this common? am i just niave? expecting too much?

halfords-i know of 2. both 30 miles away in opposite directions. both would involve 2 buses changes then taxi to get there. not to mention the exhaustion the next day…

when i am moaning-guys (from housing assoc) moved my washing line 18" and now i have no chance of reaching it! seems a minor problem but with me having extra personal laundry just now and 3 kids in the house its major! *gggrrr

rant over-i realise there are bigger issues in the world-thanks for letting me vent!

ellie x

I went into a Halfords last year Ellie and they had a range of wheelchairs for sale so maybe that’s why they can offer servicing now. Might be worth giving them a call rather than trundling all the way there - the servicing peeps may collect.

Mags xx

wow! thanks mags-i really didnt know this. thanks for the info! since writing this post have burnt myself-yet again-and thrown a tin in temper across the kitchen-its made me feel better-calm has been restored!

ellie x

Cupboard doors are good for slamming too Ellie (don’t forget to take off the soft close gizmos first though!).

M xx

Ellie, Look in the local telephone directory and see if you have a cycle shop near you - l am sure if you rang them and explained the situation they would be able to come to the house and fix your brakes. Or is there a near neighbour who is ‘bike mad’ -adjusting brakes is quite easy - ‘when you know how’!!!

l am going to read the instructions [distructions] that came with my rollator - ln the hope of figuring out how to do it. Surprised that ‘wheelchair services’ will n ot do it. They have always come out to replace tyres etc on my w/chair. Whats the point in providing appliances to help us get about then have no intention of maintaining them. Have you tried asking them for a new rollator - l think your district nurses are allowed to order things like this.

My neighbour has two rollators that were given to her [late] husband to help him keep mobile - but they were too big for him to use in the house. His widow has contacted wheelchair services many times asking for them to collect the unused equipment but they do not want to know. So l have ‘borrowed’ the small three wheeler for upstairs - so l can get off my stairlift and use the roller to help me get to my bedroom. lts no way near as good as the one l bought - this one is easy to tip. Mine is very sturdy and has a seat with a backstrap - l have been able to get to places in my garden that l have not been to for a long time. l can take food and water to the chicks and ducks - and pick beans courgettes etc. lts really opened up a new little world.

Ellie - as you have had 4yrs use out of it - perhaps it is time for a new one - go on tell them you need ‘new for old’


hi frances

i wasnt in the best of places when i wrote this yesterday. have taken ur advice-neighbour has tightened the brakes and will bear in mind the age (of the walker-not the neighbour!) if i have further probs.

had to phone the surgery about something else so made them aware of no repairs in case others are in same position.

its heavy rain here and loads of thunder/lighting last night but if tomorrow is calm am hoping to take kids out for lunch-its unfair that they are restricted just cos i am…

thanks for the sensible answer when i couldnt see beyond the problem-its much appreciated.

ellie xxx