walking aid/giving in??

Yet again I am on here for a bit of advice from you lovely people.
I have just got back from a few days in Ireland visiting family but to be honest I did not do much,everyone came to me which was lovely.
I have had recurrent chest and urine infections on and off since march and they flared up again whilst in Ireland. Luckily my GP had given me some antibiotics to have just in case.
It seems the bugs that I have are resistant to the antibiotics the Gp has told me so I have been given other ones to hopefully try and ease this.
The ms has been really playing up this summer and I was just wondering could the fact that I am getting infection after infection be down to me receving tysabri or is it just the ms itself giving a wee bit more.
I totally know that I am still so much more fortunate than a lot of you lovely folk but this has fairly gubbed me this time. Hoping when this last dose of antibiotics kick in I will get back to a wee bit of “me”. School starts back next week so fingers crossed I am good to go. Think maybe I will have to have wee bit more of an aid, i.e rollator. I know a lot of you guys have them but I think I am panicking that I am letting the ms win if I give in and get one.
So very, very sorry for the long winded moan.
All my best wishes
Mary x

Hi Mary
Sounds like you’re having a rough time of it.
I hope you’re on the right antiblotics now and feel much better soon. I don’t have any experience of the meds you mentioned (I have PPMS no meds for me).
Don’t look at it as giving in look at it as being kind to yourself. MS is bloody hard work so we need all the help we can get. If you get a rotator go for a 4 wheel with seat. From experience with a 3 wheeler they are rubbish if your balance is bad.
Good luck and get well soon x

Thank so much Purplebubbles, I am taking the antibiotics and really hope they work this time.
I won’t be so pessimistic as I have so much to be grateful for.
I will look at the 4 wheel with seat variety and go for it, even if it is just to get me into school and once in I will use my stick.
Thanks again, it means so much

I am pretty sure that adapting to your circumstances is a lot smarter than “not giving in” and becoming a liability. A rollator will certainly be a safer option and keep those muscles working, so try one out and see if it suits you.
Hopefully, the antibiotics do their stuff soon.

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Thanks so much for your kind reply, you are so very right. I will contact my physio on Monday morning and let her know that I am planning to purchase one. Just to let her know and she can give me any ideas she may have as she knows the “wobbly” me well.
Thanks once again, you truly are the best.

The right walking aid for the job can mean better stability, better walking range, less fatigue, more confidence, less chance of falling over and breaking a wrist… What’s not to love? We can’t stop having MS, but we can do our best to arm ourselves against its ravages, and using all the help we can get to stay mobile and live our lives is part of that, I think.

I’m sorry you are having a bad time of it.

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My analogy:
I can walk about 10m unaided if I go v e r y slowly and deliberately, 50m or so with a stick in between rests, but can still walk around the supermarket clinging on to a trolley. Trolley = Rollator.

Just because you invest in a rollator doesn’t oblige you to use it all the time. Pick the right tool for each journey :+1: :smiley:

Thank you so very much for your very kind replies. Myself and my hubby have been looking up all infor on rollators. I am phoning my physio tomorrow morning to get her advice and there is a mobility shop very close by that we will then visit.
Thanks again
Mary x

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