GP or MS Nurse?

Hello lovely people

I’ve got a question which may seem a bit stupid. I have a sharp shooting pain going down my lower arm into my wrist which is so painful it almost takes my breath away I’ve had a similar thing with my neck and shoulder which my Neuro called Lhermitte (not sure if that’s spelt correctly!) which was nowhere near as painful!

As I’ve been having this symptom also I’ve had a really weird sensation of something crawling over the skin on my left arm. I keep thinking I’ve got ants or something similar on me.

So my question is has anyone else felt this weird sensation, and do I go to my GP or phone my MS Nurse to discuss it?

Or maybe I’m just cracking up!

Many thanks

Freckles x

Hello Freckles

What your experiencing could be due to Lhermitte’s syndrome but equally it could be down to a trapped nerve. If you have a good gp then that would be my first choice.

PS; No question is ever stupid and you’re not cracking up…yet

Good luck x

Hello Freckles,

yes is the answer to your question, I often get the feeling that something is crawling up my arm and my head is always itching even after I’ve just washed it. The pain, I often get shooting pains down my arms and legs and even in my stomach. I just put it down to nerve pain. Hope this helps.



Thank you for your replies. My GP is lovely Blossom nothing is too much trouble for him so I will probably go and see him. Janet it’s a relief to know someone else has experienced the crawling sensation, and that I’m not cracking up!

Freckles x

Thanks Polar Bear, I just googled what you posted and it make a lot of sense.

Aren’t our bodies clever things, the way they interpret different sensations!


Freckles xxx