I finally got an admission yesterday that i do infarct have Demyelination in the brain they have no idea why or what has caused it its good in once sense but no good in another it does mean i can now say to people i have an undiagnosed neurological problem it taken over 20 years. the last neurologist has the cheeck to say i was imagine the whole lot to get rid of me and pass me on to a shrink.

cheeky bugger that neuro.

it must be hugely insulting to be told that.

demyelination is caused by the immune system thinking myelin is an invader (!) so it’s an auto immune disease.

it is what it is and we just get on with our lives.

carole x

Thanks for your post the neuro name is Oswald Jack has a a bit of a bad reputation. what’s more he failed to tell me about the disc problems they had found on the MRI and he also. failed to spot a a TIA. Im waiting for another scan i have changed hospitals ato make sure my result doing go missing. i have lived with this since 1995.

hi fiona

sht! you’ve had ms since 1995 (sht again).

in 1995 i finished my degree and enrolled at uni.

i was a late starter, born in 1958.

you could register a complaint with PALS at your former hospital.

failing to spot a mini stroke could have had fatal consequences for you.

carole x

`I tried complaining but it was a waste of time i did something better one of the neuros -seeing 3 different ones in 2 years. One of them had a video on you tube in the comments box i told him in no uncertain terms he missed a TIA.

I had my scan in one hospital in my health area and saw the consultant in another which is not in my health area and the results got lost.

hi fiona

excuse me if this is a load of garbled nonsense because i’m quite drunk!

hubby’s friend came round and the three of us got through 16 cans and a bottle of gin!

it’s not big, it’s not clever and it’s not funny.

well it is a bit funny when you’re drunk.

good for you commenting on the neuro’s video.

it sounds like it’s your area health authority you should complain about.

please keep us updated

carole x

I had a sinus operation in 1982 and i have always had in the back of my mind for years that their was a cock up in the operation and caused the damage and they had tried to cover it up. O f course i will never be able to prove or disprove this. all i know after the wash out i started getting terrible pain between the eye and my nose. i asked my optician what it was and he said it was neuralgia a few days after the op when i was at home i went dreadfully dizzy not unlike what i live with now