All done at Neurology

Just wanted to say thank you to everyone for the support on this forum during my MS investigation journey.

I saw Neurology this morning and got told goodbye and good luck.

Best wishes to everyone


Hi Tina Just read your post…did you get a diagnosis of anything or referred elsewhere or have you just been told that it’s nothing neurological

Hi Jtcallaghan, I got no diagnosis or referral by neurology. I first saw him last October, he said MRI “just in case” I had the MRI then was asked to come for a lumbar puncture within about 2 weeks of the first scan, had lp and second scan on December 21st , lp was clear but he asked for a further scan which I had in Feb I think, he said I moved in the second scan and the final scan confirmed it was movement artifact. I did ask before the LP why I was having it and the Dr said first scan showed several strokes and signs of demyelination.

So sorry for your troubles, are you still having symptoms? Where do you go now, have you spoke to gp yet

Hi Katbee

I’ve just had a bit of a look through your other posts.

You do appear to have had very little help or support from the various doctors through the last 6 or so months. And just to be told, goodbye and good luck by neurology really must have put the cherry on top for you.

I assume you’ll go back to your GP and see what else is suggested as I presume you still have the symptoms which caused you to be referred to a neurologist in the first place.

You should keep going in trying to get a definitive answer from the medical profession for your ailments. If it helps, you can keep coming on here, we’re not likely to shut you out just because you’ve been shown the door by the neuro.

Best of luck.


Hi, so are they saying you’ve had a series of strokes?

If so, what about rehabilitation?

To just be dismissed like that is awful!.

My own diagnosis history is appalling, but I still go annually for a review.

I doubt I’ll ever get a complete diagnosis.

Entering my 20 th year of ??? now!


Hi again, I will definitely stick around on the forum, everyone has been very helpful and understanding even although the majority are facing similar problems regarding correspondence and the frustrations of the situations they are in.

I attend dermatology too and have had positive skin biopsys for skin lupus but when they take a punch biopsy to compare with the positive one it’s been coming back negative so no Lupus dx though I do have a dx of jessner’s lymphocytic infiltrate but I am allergic to Hydroxychloroquine so I’m stuck indoors constantly because UV light sends me into a flair.

I had a frozen shoulder a couple of years ago and had an MRI scan of that along with my first brain MRI, when I went to the consultant in January he suggested Rheumatology but I have just found out that he wrote to my Gp about the referral and she has not bothered to do it!..I don’t see that GP any more and try to avoid but I spoke to the Ortheopedic Consultants Secretary yesterday and she is sorting it.

I do still have lots of symptoms but now I’ve been told it is not neurological I’ll have to wait and see what Rheumatology think. It’s quite unbelievable that I’m going down two paths of investigation for two serious conditions and it’s looking extremely likely that I won’t be diagnosed with anything at all which is kind of worrying since I must have been showing signs and symptoms of something in the first place to merrit any investigation at all, I mean, MS never crossed my mind until I walked into another GP in my practice and said I’m fed up with all these symptoms (including my eye and face drooping on one side) nobody listening and being palmed off with Tramadol

​I got told not to worry about the strokes and that was end of discussion, it has never been mentioned again shrugs

I have a NHS health assessment on the 25th and am expecting to be told I am fit for work.

I know many many people have similar stories, just wanted to add mines as briefly as possible so that anyone who is at the beginning of the journey has an idea of what can happen due to lack of communication etc.

If you want to phone and find out PHONE AND FIND OUT you are just as important as anyone else and have the right to know what is going on and it is THEIR JOB to keep their patients informed. Not knowing causes stress which makes symptoms worse.

Sorry for the ranting!


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