and the saga continues....

So, spent the day in hospital yesterday. Started the day as normal but as I was getting for work my balance was even worse than normal, stubbled and managed to bite through my lip in the process. Still carried on getting ready for work but my face went completely numb on the right side and my speech was really slurred, couldn’t see properly and legs went so weak i could barely walk, also mnaged to wee myself twice. I called Gp who said to get to hospital as possible TIA/stroke, wasn’t going to go but my son insisted on taking me. First saw a stroke nurse who thought TIA so had a CT scan, thankfully Ct confirmed not a stroke. Had lots of tests and the tests they did on my eye movements and general co-ordination worried them so they decided to admit me. Anyway a few hours later a lovely doctor appeared at my side and said, “have you heard of MS?” I nearly laughed. I decided to keep quiet and just said yes, why? it turns out the original MRI I had, although my rubbish neuro has said the lesions meant nothing, the people who looked at it yesterday said that although incloncusive, they feel that MS is a possibility and needs further investigation.He did go on to explain that it is very hard to diagnose in some people as not everyone’s brain/spine scans show a definitive answer, but all the same I should probably have a further brain scan and possibly a lumbar puncture, so they are referring me back to my neuro with recommendations. I will be very interested to see what he does next. Got mixed feelings really, obviously i don’t want to have MS but at the same time I want some kind of dx to get some kind of treatment. I think i felt releived that they seemed to be taking me seriously and have not written me off as stressed. So maybe…just maybe i’m a step closer to some kind of answer. Intersting too that my experiences with private vs NHS, NHS has been much better so far in terms of speed of appoitments and understanding doctors. Who’d have thought it!

Hi Bunny, yes the saga does certainly seem to continue! If I remember you are a similar age to myself (48ish - please correct if I am wrong). I think the older you are the more difficult the dx can be. I am still under 2 neuros (one private and one NHS) both with entirely different views on what I have. I have gone from a very tiny limp to a hemiplegic gait in three years. I am so fed up!

How are you today?

Moyna xxx

Bunnythecat - I’m glad to hear that you are being taken seriously (you’d hope so, wouldn’t you, after all that?!) and thankyou for sharing your experiences, especially so soon after being in hospital! It’s oddly reassuring for a newbie to limboland like me to hear what others go through. Wishing you clarity, answers and hope you are feeling better :heart:

Thanks Moyna and Reiki, i’m feeling a bit better today thanks, Still weak and dizzy and bladder playing up but compared to yesterday not so bad. These neuros obviously have no idea what people like us go through and how frustrating it is to this unwell but not knowing why. Oh well onwards and upwards, we havo mo choice but to just carry on do we. Hope you guys doing ok xx

Oh no bunny not a good day but in some ways at least they’re back on the case. I do wonder if neuros ever go to talks from people who have been in limbo and passed round to get an insight into it all Take care Axx

Hi Bunny, so hope this is the breakthrough you need. It would be good for you to get a firm diagnosis and an explanation of why everything is happening. Fingers crossed it works out.

Sharon x

That sounds like a scary day! I hope you are closer to a diagnosis of some kind. My diagnosis seems to be going in the opposite direction as I was first told it was suspected MS but they are now backing off a bit (I suspect due to my age and having only had one episode). Good luck!