good news that raises an ms question

Coming as a huge shock I found I can still get into my wetsuit…its not pretty but i’m in it.

For the next few minutes all my leg and arms weird stuff stopped and the tightness of it was a huge relief, as though the support of it made everything ok.

That then changed to a feeling like when your arms are floating on water,it was as if they didn’t exist,they felt totally hollow…as you can see its impossible to explain.

It wasnt unpleasant just weird but I cant imagine how I will hold onto a boadyboard----if I even make it as far as the sea.

Can anyone explain that or do any of you wear supports and do you find them helpful?


Hi Pip,

I have read before of wearing tight clothing to ease abnormal MS sensations.

Although it sounds counter-intuitive, I believe the logic is that MS often makes you feel as if something tight is around the offending part. If you make it so there really is something tight, the brain experiences what it expects, and all is well. The brain only gets upset when there’s a mismatch between the feeling and reality. If you can make the reality match the feeling, you can trick it into thinking everything’s fine.

I don’t know how this explains the hollow/floating feeling though.



Maybe I should try wearing it to Sainsburys to give it a full scale test…then again save the whale may be alerted.


Hi Pip

I am so envious that you can still wear your wetsuit. I have kept mine, which I used in my dinghy sailing days, even though I will never use it again. It is a size 12 and I have put on about 3 stone since. Nowadays I have problems keeping myself upright never mind trying to balance a boat. I do though have many happy memories of those times, and this was an activity that I took up after my diagnosis.


This is really interesting, my legs feel uch less wobbly when they are incased in snug johdpurs. However if they’re not really stretchy it gives me horrid muscle spasms.

Hmm I was given support stocking by Dr pre diagnosis as she said all my numbness and sensation problems were most definitely varicose veins… Lol (not one in sight!)

Anyway,… they got tossed at the bottom of the cupboard after a week as they were just a pointless annoyance, and did nothing for me.

Congrats on the wetsuit though! Might see if I fit in mine… its shorts and top separates though… hmm dare i try though… lol!!

I do have to admit when I say my wetsuit it did used to be my husbands!!!