MS Hug (ironic or what)

Hi, I am a bit new to all this MS. I was diagnosed in Nov 2012 with RRMS. I seem to betting new symptoms all the time even though I am on a lot of tablets. The worst one has been the MS Hug (ironic) this started a few weeks ago ans seems to be getting worse, to the point that I had to call out the Paramedics (thought I was having a heart attack). Does anyone have any ways to cope with this pain and the feeling it leaves me with - tingly hands and feet and no enery. I would be grateful and will try anything.

Hi I haven’t been diagnosed but I am experiencing what may be the ms hug. I find compression really helps, weirdly, so wrapping a scarf around is the best way to relieve it. I’m sorry you are experiencing this. It’s really unpleasant. Definitely applying pressure seems to help me, I hope it may help you too xx


I get the Hug too. It is really uncomfirtable and I find that deep breathing helps. I also take Gabapentin and this really helps.

I hope you get some relief soon.

Shazzie xx

Hi Vivienne, I sympathise with you - I experienced this before being diagnosed and didn’t have a clue what was happening - and certainly wasn’t feeling the love! For me -I would agree with Jen in saying loosening the bra or taking it off was a help - but as heinzbeanz mention they felt compression helped, or deepbreathing is often mentioned too. I do hope that you find something to help - its so uncomfortable/painful I know…! Sending positive vibes your way… Lucie xx

Hi i use a ms centre with hyperbaric oxygen chamber once a week that reallyhelps ive had the hug for about 3 months i can still feel its there but it doesnt bother me x

Before I was diagnosed I got the “hug” all the time and thought I had put on weight because my trousers were too tight! Deep breathing helps me too and just trying to relax.

Thanks for all your helpful comments, at least I don’t feel alone now. I will try the compression, I am interested in the Hyperbaric Oxygen Chamber, how do I find out if this is available to me in Poole?