Never had MS hug

Hi my name is Debra. I have PPMS. I was diagnosed 11 years ago. Over the last 3 days I think I’ve had the horrible MS hug. It seems to get worse in the afternoon. I’ve taken paracetamol and am sitting with a hot water bottle. Any ideas on how long these last and any tips on what I can do.

That sounds horrid Debra, my limited experience of MS hug was a short term issue, and the only way I could deal with it was via heat pads and very relaxed breathing. Sorry this is not great info, I hope that others can offer more useful advice. All the best

Thanks Mick. May try the heat pads.
Regards Debra

Mine always ease up a bit if I can lay down flat (no pillow under my head), but like Mick, mine don’t last long.

Thank you for that tip. I’ll give it a go.
Regards Debra

Hi Debra , the MS hug is horrible, it was one of my symptoms that occurred with a huge MS relapse that led to my subsequent diagnosis way back in 2007. My ms hug felt like someone had tied a thick rope really really tight around the middle of my waist. It made breathing difficult, along with movement/mobility. I didn’t wear my bra for a few months which helped. The physio also recommended some gentle yoga type exercises/stretches. I still have the ms hug symptoms to this day , although it’s more stiffness in the back now. I hope you find some relief from this horrible ms symptom , please speak to your ms nurse , they may be able to give you medication and advice on this.

Thank you so much for the advice. It really helps to be able to get in touch with people who understand. This forum is a lifeline. Take care :grinning: