Good news for a change

Hi all,

As you probably know, i’ve not long been dx with ppms. before that i was dx with transverse mylitis that i had from sep 2009. will i needed some help so i managed to get care (middle rate)that lasted till 23rd march this year, could’nt give me it for longer as not sure how i would be by then(already got dla indefinitely because i was already disabled). i sent them the renewel form back the day i was dx with ms (my consultant said as a label this would be better for dla to workout) well i have been waiting and waiting but no letter saying yah or nay. phoned monday before it was due to finish, not sanctioned yet, if not heard anything phone back friday. phoned friday(saturday being the last day)still nothing but they were looking into it.

Phoned today after still no letter - its been done today (letter in post) GOT CARE (MIDDLE RATE) INDEFINITELY!! Well untill 2015 anyway when it will all change to pip.

Well chuffed.

Lisa x

Sorry it was long winded, its difficult to explain it quick in writing.

Lisa x

Excellent news Sue x

Well done! A sensible decision on their behalf, for a change!

luv Pollx

well good news does’nt last long, not to me anyway! got letter today saying that because my partner has been claiming income support for him and me for 6 months(he gets carers allowance for looking after me) we have both got to go for an interview to see about getting us both into paid work. i’ve just been given middle rate care indefinatly because i cant really be left on my own, i can’t work, i’m too bad. This has really upset me, i’m worried sick now.

Lisa x

Hi Pat,

I know what you mean, i can’t believe this is happening.

Why they can’t see what the situation is i dont know, i hate going to interviews and things, it scares me to death.

the person i’m to see is’nt a medical person, although i know myself that i can’t work (no way)this person could say that i could do something and then what am i to do.

This stress is’nt helping me at all.

Lisa x