Good news and bad!

The good news is that yesterday the postman brought me a very nice letter!

The mandatory reconsideration people awarded me full rate PIP. My GP was pleased but also he said he was disgusted as they seem to be telling everyone they either can’t have it or it’s considerably reduced then when it goes to mandatory reconsideration they say yes…however I’m just pleased I didn’t have to go to appeal! He said there are so many people that just accept it as they are too ill to be upset by it. I have to say that it’s all down to my husband, I really couldn’t have coped with it

The bad news is that unfortunately the operation I had last November didn’t work and I now have four additional tumours, three in my chest and one on my thyroid. We were told they were in operable and that the only thing that can help me is immunotherapy, however, I’m being told that because of MS I might not be able to have it.

We are going to see a surgeon in Middlesbrough (4hour drive) who is saying he could possibly operate but has to open me up to see the tumours, we are also meeting with an oncologist who is an expert in immunotherapy.

All extremities firmly crossed!

Nina x

Hi Nina

So pleased common sense has prevailed regarding pip, but should have been straight forward from the beginning.

So sorry to hear about the operation did not have the outcome we had all hoped for you, but lets hope the person in Middlesborough will be able to give you some good news. Life seems so unfair at times, as if MS isn’t enough to cope with you have this added stress to cope with, but we are all thinking about you and wishing you well.

Take care Nina ((((hugs))))

Pam x

Hello Nina.

Big hugs coming through cyberspace wishing you all the best in Middlesbrough.

((((((((((((((((((((((((( :slight_smile: )))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))))

Steve x

I felt shocked for you Nina when i read your post.i really, really hope this Dr in Middlesborough can operate.

sending you lots of love and ((((((hugs)))) and we are thinking of you.

J x

I’m so glad sense has been seen over your PIP Nina, the outcome could not have gone the other way, there is a human element after all. So, so sorry to hear the other news, hoping & praying it will all be ok. Good luck with everything, will be thinking of you Tracey xx

Hello Nina

Lots and lots of positive thoughts sent your way sweetheart

The very best

Catherine x

Hello Nina , I’m pleased about your pip you really deserve it . I’m so sorry that you have bad news about the tumours I really feel for you . I hope that the doctor in Middlesbrough is able to help . Stay strong Nina and think positive thoughts …We are all here for you. Love Michelle and Frazer xx

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Gosh Nina. I have no words. Really.

Sending you my best wishes. Be kind to yourself. Xx

Big Hugs Nina XXX

Sending you as much positivity as I can Nina. I’m glad the DWP have at least taken one aggravation out of your life.

Wishing you all the best, please keep your chin up and remember we’re here for what it’s worth. Hope your consultation goes smoothly.

Sonia x

Hi Nina so sorry to hear your news. I will be thinking of you and I do hope something positive comes out of your visit to Middlesbrough. Sue xx

Thanks so much to you all…it really helps knowing I have all your support…I couldn’t believe it when I woke up to all your messages this morning!

Im back on track today and not feeling so sorry for myself! If they say it’s not possible to operate then I want to leave this world smiling not sad and panicky, having said that I’m not about to give up just yet!

thanks and love to you all,

Nina x

That’s the spirit Nina …We all love you too. Michelle and Frazer xx

Hi Nina,

Whatever the future holds you’ll always have us with you .

With my love,


Thank you both so much.

I’m off to Middlesbrough on Monday to meet with a micro surgeon and a new oncologist who is a specialist in immunotherapy…immunotherapy has had great results but of course having an auto immune disease can add to the complications but never the less we want to investigate all the options. Can’t say I’m looking forward to the journey but we are staying nearby overnight…the thought of doing eight hours in the car in one day was just too much and we would both get super stressed if we thought we weren’t going to get there on time.

I can’t imagine my life without the forum and such lovely virtual friends, thank you all!

Nina xx

Hi Nina

Everything crossed for Monday will be thinking of you (((hugs)))

Pam x

So sorry to hear the 2nd part of yr message. You can see from above how we are all rooting for you. Hope you have better news on Monday. Send g hugs and positive vibes. Anne xx

I didn’t mean to be Anonymous above! ! Anne xx

will be thinking of you on Monday Nina, sending lots of positive thoughts and love to you and your husband.

J x

Thank you all…I know I keep saying it but it really really does help.

Thanks and love to all,

Nina x