PIP results

Hello everyone

I received my PIP results yesterday, I was so upset besides taking £230 a month away from me plus our car tax, they accused me, in a veiled manner, of lying.

They have completely changed my answers, I remember Sonia (nindancer) saying that when hers came through, I couldn’t believe it when I read it, it was saying I could do things that I categorically told the guy I couldn’t do. It was so upsetting I couldn’t finish reading the report. When I claimed DLA years ago I was given the top rate, now I have osteoporosis, emphysema and cancer as well as MS and yet they take half my money away, it will make a huge difference to me!

My husband has a really rotten case of flu…we assumed Australian but now it seems it could be French or Japanese! As soon as he is better he will deal with it for me. We both had our flu jabs but apparently there are some flu bugs this year that haven’t been covered by the jab.

My husband is so good he does such a lot for me, I realise just how much now he’s out of action! I couldn’t appeal myself, it’s stressful enough when my husband deals with it all for me!

Hope everyone is as good as it’s possible to be, take care,

Love Nina x

Hi Nina,

That is appalling.

The process is flawed. It imposes stress on people who are already under stress because of a lifelong illness and I know that you have to cope with several conditions.

You are a popular and respected member of the Forum and I believe that the rest of us will give you our love and support.

Hope that your husband makes a speedy recovery and best wishes to you both.

Anthony x

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Thanks Anthony, it means a lot,

Take Care

Nina x

Hello So sorry you didn’t get the award you expected. The next step is to request a reconsideration before you can appeal. You can do this by phone or by letter. Your husband can do this on your behalf. If you give your permission before passing the phone to your hubby. Before you call, look at the case managers decision and tackle each descriptor as to why it is wrong and what you think you qualify for. If not already done then send them any further evidence you have. You have 1 month from the date of the decision to request a reconsideration. Please be aware the decision can go Down or up. The DWP will look at the whole claim again. All the best. Paul

So sorry you are having to go through all this Nina.I hope you are going to appeal,i know you should not have to but you should do,they can’t get away with this.Are you in the benefitsandwork.co.uk forum they are really good in helping you deal with appeals it costs about £20 for the year but so worth it.I would also get in touch or tell your husband to,with your local welfare rights,you can google for your local one,i find them very good with advice and i am sure they will help you appeal.I feel gutted for you,as if you haven’t been through enough and now this.I am dreading the time when i have to apply for PIP i really am.Hope your husband recovers from the flu,soon.

J x

Nina , I feel so upset for you , it’s so unfair. Please appeal again, don’t let them get away with it . Love Michelle and Frazer xx

We have filled out the form for mandatory reconsideration, I don’t know how my husband did it being so poorly but he knew I’d be pestered so wanted to get it out of the way!

Thanks Mrs J, Michelle and of course Frazer! It makes so much difference getting support from people who know what it’s like!

Take Care,

Love Nina x

Hi Nina

oh that’s awful, really disgusting decision, my thoughts are with you and your husband.

I am glad you are appealing, but no one should be stressed like this, illness is enough to cope with, without these morons making it worse.

I truly hope your appeal brings good news Nina, take care and hope your husband shakes off the flu quickly. (((Hugs)))

Pam x

Hi Pam,

Thanks so much! My husband got up today looking so dreadful but he’d decided during the night that he’d rewrite it, bless him!

I will let everyone know as soon as I hear more. I’m expecting a friend to pop in later so I’m hoping he will post it for me!

Hope you’re as well as can be Pam,

Take care,

Love Nina x

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Hi Nina. The PiP process is designed to catch out the fakers. It causes a lot of trouble for the genuine cases, but there are so many situations. I had to appeal twice & went through every problem it caused by myself. All I heard about were the gowernment cuts, after losing my job, having all my savings stolen, zero support & mixing with the scurge of the earth. There is light at the end of the tunnel. Just keep plodding on. Terry

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Thanks Terry!

Hope you are as good as it’s possible to be!

Nina x

Hi Nina it is hard to believe that your allowances have been cut when you have so many health issues. I do hope they reverse the decision quickly without giving you any more hassle. Hope your husband makes a speedy recovery from the flu. Sue x

Hi Nina appeal hun you deserve enhanced rate on both that is what i get , i can’t drive and in a wheelchair so my assessor was good as her ex hubby had spms some are bad i had bad ones before i was diagnosed with PPMS and fight for what you deserve xx

How these people sleep at night I really don’t know. I am absolutely gob smacked for a better word, how the hell they can turn you down with all your going through defies logic. You grab em by the nethers & don’t let go until they sort this out. Good luck & I know you will win, anyone with a heart wouldn’t turn you down xx

Nightmare for you, the assessors can be sh*ts! I hope you can get your MR request done as soon as possible.

You remembered right, I was so shocked at the untruths in the ATOS report when I got it thru and the DWP then made some small mistakes in their report after the MR, so I had to request a tribunal.

I hope you’re ok, it’s so bloomin’ stressful.

Sonia x

Sadly it doesn’t always catch the fakers though. I know someone personally who has been receiving top rate of everything, plus a blue badge. She has had carpal tunnel ops on both hands - she says she has the blue badge because she can’t carry anything heavy. She had a knee replacement a couple of years ago but other than that there is nothing wrong with her. She looks after herself 100%. She cooks for herself…she takes her dogs out for walks which can be a few miles at least once per day. I have reported her more than once, but nothing seems to change. Juls

I’m sure the GP’S know who is telling the truth and who is faking it…it would have saved a small fortune for the government if they just contacted everyone’s doctor. Mine is horrified that my money will have been cut in half if either the mandatory reconsideration or the appeal doesn’t work.

Thank you all so much for your support, it means such a lot to me,

Take Care everyone,

Nina x

Hi i hope your hubby is feeling better. Weirdly enough the vaccine for flu 2017 included the kangeroo one yet people are getting sick but there is a bronchial thing doing the rounds as well.

Anywoo, the thing is with PIP its not the same as DLA and people are not filling in forms right and explaining how they are coping independently properly. It makes no difference what disease you have now, its down to how you live independently.

I urge you to try this test it will show you exactly what they are looking for.


Now a friend of mine her husband didn’t get his PIP and he had the worse form of meningitis and a heart issue, and has mental health issues too. I have met him so i know how he is. He FAILED on both. He has a carer but he kind of supports him emotionally but he also has really bad bladder issues wears one of those special catheter things as his bladder is not working. I knew he should have got something just for that, but the guy who filled his form in did not do it right, neither did they send in real supportive evidence. They went for mandatory reconsideration and was booked for tribunal, now wait for it i think they waited like SIX months for the tribunal actually my memory is rubbish it could be longer then that. Anyway he got full care and standard mobility which is as it should have been in the first place. So just playing devils advocate here some of the issues are not they dont believe you, but its just that there was no supporting evidence for them to see. Its easy to say i cant walk more then a few yards, but they need the evidence if that makes sense.

If you have had a care plan with adult social services this is brilliant as they can see how people are as its been confirmed by professionals. My assessor told me straight away he had really good supporting evidence from my GP and my neuro about how my illness affected me, without me even opening my mouth.

I had a DWP person do my form from aged uk and she explained a lot to me.

So dont give up Nina make sure you get all your paperwork together and proof and even see if you can get supporting stuff from GP and neuro.

We shouldn’t have to go through hoops but sadly there are people out there who are using the system and genuine people like yourself are suffering from it.

Take heart i am sure you will win your case ok. Please do the test its very eye opening.

xxxxxx rosie.

Thanks for all your advice, I will try the test. My dr sent in a brilliant letter but the guy that came to interview me said it wasn’t needed! When my husband phoned afterwards they said send it in but they made their decision before they had it!

The upsetting thing was that when I told him there’s no way I could plan journey, I get so muddled, same with cooking but he wrote that I could do these things.

The mandatory reconsideration form went to them on Monday, I’m not expecting great things as most people don’t seem to get their results changed until they go to appeal.

I will let everyone know when I hear anything.

Beautiful sunny day here in Herefordshire,

Take Care,

Nina x

Wow Nina it sounds so dodgy hun, its not right. Hope you had a go at the test its quite an eye opener. xxxx