PIP Refused no points whatsoever.

Got my decision letter today after applying in January. It is a total misrepresentation of what was said at my telephone assessment. I have received no points whatsoever even though my mobility is terrible.
I knew I would not get anything for the care component but thought at least the standard for the mobility.
I have been told I can walk 200 metre’s which is a joke and because I drive a manual car once or twice a week locally I am fine.
I already have a blue badge due to my mobility and I struggle to walk due to heavy weak & painful legs, I also lose my balance quite a lot and have fallen a few times. Also stairs are a big problem for me.
All I can say is the PIP system is a joke on to the mandatory reconsideration.


Obviously you need to appeal!

Did you include medical reports from consultants to GP’s etc? Without corroborating information from professionals, everything else is frankly hearsay. That’s not to say I doubt you, but you need to back it up.

Might be worth swapping your manual car for an auto? Takes away another of their arguments. With £490/month at stake, it might be worth doing, plus they are easier to drive.

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Yes I did include medical reports explaining about my leg weakness and also MRI reports.
I was totally honest about everything I was asked during the assessment but how can you assess how a person walk’s over the telephone.
I don’t drive much anyway my husband does but I do try to go out on my own at least once a week if only to get out the house.
I will look into an automatic car but I have decided honesty doesn’t pay.

You have to stay on the side of honesty, always! Especially if you are asking your professional team to corroborate your capabilities (or lack of).

It may be that you need your medical reports to be more prescriptive, as it sounds like what has been written does not currently support your actual abilities well enough. Let’s not forget that we have a degenerative disease - not everyone applying for PIP is in that unfortunate position. Get them to write an update. Rather than addressed to the PIP panel, it would look bertter if it was presented as an update from Consultant to your GP.

Talk to your MS Nurses and (if you have access to him/her) MS Consultant and explain what has happened. In my recent experience, MS Consultants look at much more than the EDSS score - they are aware of its limitations. They will be on your side.

Be careful when bringing up the car. You don’t want to provoke a referral to DVLA about your ability to drive - better to make the change unilaterally and then report that you found it easier in an auto. The fact that you’re not trying to drive something that you potentially cannot control then disappears.


I am have a telephone consultation with my consultant beginning of May so good timing.
As far as my driving goes I don’t have a problem with the manual car & my MS does not affect my ability to drive safely.