Refused PIP second time around.

Absolutely disgusted today to receive yet another rejection for PIP not even 1 point awarded. I sat down and read the letter with disbelief I couldn’t believe what I was reading according to the assessor I can do all the things I told her I needed assistance with. And I can walk unaided for over 200 metres which is just ridiculous I have a blue badge. And because I can drive which I don’t do very often I am penalised yet again.
Also my consultant has not prescribed me any medication because he said it would not benefit me at my age that also goes against me. And I only see him once a year that’s another thing that was mentioned in the letter.
What do you have to do to be believed I feel like a fraud after reading the lies written about me.
I won’t leave it I have put everything in writing and will see if that makes any difference to the outcome.

Subscribe to Benefits and Work Group and use their guides. With their help I went from standard rate care and mobility to enhanced rate for both after applying for mandatory reconsideration.

I know from experience that the assessors are liars. My assessor claimed that she had seen me walk more than 20m. The distance from our front door to my chair is about half that distance. There were loads of other things in the report that weren’t true or were distortions. You are entitled to a copy of your assessor’s report, so ask for one if you haven’t already got one. Go through it and your claim form item by item and pick out all the places where the assessor got things wrong. I know it will be stressful, but take your claim to a tribunal if you have to.

Good luck.

Thank you
I have put it all down in writing on the mandatory reconsideration form, listed all the lies that have been written about me and told them exactly what I think. How can a person be assessed correctly over the phone. Also because I was on my own and had no problems talking with her over the phone that also went against me.
To be quite honest I put down on the form it’s not a walk in the park living with MS, and I was a little sarcastic but it makes you like that when someone has written lies about you.
I didn’t go as far as the tribunal last time but this time I definitely will.
Thanks again.

Hey. I’m a functional assessor with pip they judge you on what you can do with your disability. If you can manage with certain things but still have ability they will not score you. I also tried I have terrible incontinence and anxiety but I still didn’t get awarded.

The assessor processed my claim based on a muscolskeleal (SP? having a brain fart)

I pointed out that if they approach it from the p[oint of a different condition she wasn’t understanding how things get worse throughout the day nor the fact I’m well rested at 9am especially after I’ve just had my second coffee.

She said noting wrong with my grip because I drove a manual car…People with a stump have no grip and can change gear.

Were lots of other faults in my manually reconsideration request and to me it mean they got the request and just stamped it as deny without doning anything else.

I went to the free legal advice service here and when we got to the appeal the governments lackey had absolutely 0 to backup the governments descision. While I was hoping for both components at the basic rates but I actually got the enhanced rates. Had relapsed a few times between 2018 when I applied and 2020 in Court so had gotten worse.

From what I’ve heard 90+% of claims that went to Appeals got overturned by the court in my area.

If you win at Appeal it’s backdated to when you started the claim. My 2020 appeal was backdated to 2018 and Judge also said they sholdn’t re-assess till 2028.

Bottomline. Don’t let the mandtory reconsideration be the end of it. Get some free legal advice and persevere to the appeal. Hopefully the The Judge, Doctor and other person that will see and talk to you will decide in you’re favour

I had a copy of my report and it said I was a Care Home Manager. I am not and absolutely did not say I was. There were lots of other distorted things too. At this stage, I’m not prepared to appeal and will reapply should anything get worse. Next time around I will ensure I have asked someone (legal advice? Citizens advice?) to help me.

Good luck