PIP Refused no points whatsoever.

Hi and welcome Screwdriver!
PIP is not about diagnosis, it’s about your ability to perform basic functional activities. Unfortunately the PIP criteria don’t really work well for a RR condition as it is open to abuse - they lack the resources to police when you’re relapsing and when remitting. That’s unfair on you.

PIP works better for people with a continuous condition. It is not an income replacement but a contribution to the increased costs associated with just getting through the day, every day.

Other benefits are available but do your best to find a job within your capabilities. It may not be the job you want or are trained for. I’m past the point of employability now but have managed to pick up some work, temporarily, over the last couple of years. Keep trying and stay in dialogue with your job centre.

Hey Muffin,

Just experienced the exact same thing got 0 on all areas appealed provided evidence and the DWP worker on the phone even said to me I will be surprised if this gets denied a second time and if it does take it to tribunal!. Just had the reconsideration through and again 0 in every area their feedback was to “require assistance/monitoring” someone would need to be with me at all times because I mentioned during a relapse when I have vertigo and diplopia my partner has to listen to me shower with door open to ensure I don’t fall or slip from the dizziness etc

It’s absolutely crazy I feel like crying because I’ve been diagnosed quite young and I’m going to have to go through this horrid process as I get older and things progress.

It’s disgusting the way we are treated, I was reading last week that a lady had been turned down because she could carry a handbag.
I myself have now gone to appeal but they are messing me around and keep asking for more evidence, which I can’t provide because I am still waiting for an appointment to see my consultant which is now 6 months overdue.
I have now been told I have to attend the appeal in person or over the telephone on a video call. It’s obvious to me they don’t believe I am telling the truth, and all this stress is doing me no good what so ever. But don’t give up we must keep on going until we receive what we are entitled to.
Muffin x

Please let me know how you get on. It’s so stressful because I am young and I work I know they are thinking that I’m fine completely ignoring the fact there was 4 months where I couldn’t see properly as had diplopia and vertigo and because of those I wasn’t balanced well enough to walk on my own or move around the house without walking with my arms out to reach out to lean on things :roll_eyes: I even looked up the people who made my decisions both with less than 2 year’s experience at DWP and neither I could see any kind of medical experience stated for

My mum had MS, primary progressive, for some 40 years.
towards the end she was 100% bed ridden and later in a home.
She got next to nothing under the DLA due to her doctor never referring her to a consultant.
I have had MS symptoms for many years, but like mum, was never referred to a consultant.
Eventually I managed to get to see a consultant and got tested with Lumber punctures and MRI.
I was diagnosed with PP MS and told to see said consultant every 12 months.
Consultations never lasted 5 mins.
Eventually, after over 10 years, another consultant asked to take me on and more tests were carried out. I am now on Avonex and my mobility is improving. I still can’t walk very far but no longer fall over several times per day.
Whilst MS is an unfortunate fact of life it seems that awarding of PIP’s is very unpredictable and depend upon consultants prognosis and other tests.
I feel very sorry for those whose doctors do not refer them to the appropriate specialist consultants.

Hi I used a charity called Dish based in Huntingdon as I too applied and got zero points even with the neurologist reports ect and on top of ms I also have osteo arthritis I book knees
Dish were so lovely and the couldn’t believe I’d scored zero points!
In total had to re apply 5 times but in the end I was awarded the standard level which helps a bit and it was back dated to the date when I first applied
They then ask for donations as they are volunteers so of course I donated as without them I would never have received anything
Don’t give up! Good luck x

I’ve put together a guide to applying for PIP.

Not an exhaustive guide (yet) but hopefully together we can build it up into something more comprehensive? It’s not mine, it’s ours!

Well finally after 2 years of trying I have been awarded PIP at tribunal.
I scored no points whatsoever on the first attempt and again on the second, But the tribunal have awarded me 16 points so it just goes to show you need to persevere.
It has taken exactly 12 months to the day this time but my award is for 5 years so if you are in the same position please don’t give in keep going.

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