give me strength part 2...........

Hi everyone.

Oh dear, my stress levels yesterday hit an all time high! Hubby rang 999 for an ambulance.

About 11 ish I felt a bit nauseous and thought my blood sugar must`ve dropped, as it often does mid morning. So I ate a sweet pear.

Then I felt dizzy and thought it was one of my menopausal spells. These have been going on for 10 years and were reducing a lot.

But then the dizziness worsened and my hands and legs were all trembly. Next I felt as if I was going to empty my bowels, so I told hubby. He said to get me to the loo, via my Tina Turner thingy. I couldnt stand, my head was all over the place. I said to get me onto the bed. He said how when I couldnt even get my sling on, as my head was flopping down.

I was fully conscious and knew what was happening to me. I got to the side of my bed and told hubby to take the arm of my wheeelie off, raise my bed to be level with it and roll me onto the bed. It worked well, except I was on my front and my arm was trapped.

Then my breathing was all over the place. My arms were shaking and my whole buddy was buzzing. I had no chest pain, so I knew it wasnt a heart attack, which hubby feared. he asked if I wanted an ambulance and I said yes.

It seemed forever before they arrived…was actually 20 minutes…a very long 20 mins.

My breathing was panting and loud, my arms jumped even more.My hands felt like sponge.

When the paramedics arrived they came into the bedroom, one said Oh dear The other said, Oh shes fitting, in a very calm way. I said No I am not. My brain is fully alert. They said Oh, shes with us. They got me over onto my back and eventually my breathing came calmer and the arms stopped jumping. But my insides were really buzzing.

One para looked at me and I said, before she did, This is a panic attack, isnt it? She nodded and said I was in control of my breathing myself. They took my BP and it was perfect…146 over 82. My oxygen level was 100% and my sugar level was good.

They asked what I was anxious about. I told them about the hospital striking me off and about the spc op next week, and I still had no paperwork. They said I should let my gp sort it all out as it is her job not mine!

They filled in a big yellow sheet and asked me to sign it to say I didnt want to go to A & E. I said You havent asked me yet!` She said I would be more stressed if I went there! I didnt want to go anyway.

I rang my morning carer and she came straight back to put me to bed. Hubby went to the GP with all my neuro letters and the secretary said she doubted that the last neuro I saw, would want to see me so soon after the last appointment on 26th Oct 2012. She believed they had made a mistake with the date of my next appt this year.

My hubby refused to let me take the blame for the whole debacle. The secretary made a call and i was re-instated on the neuro list and I was given a new appt for Nov this year!

Then my carer rang the hospital re my pre op assessment and was given a date for that…this afternoon!

I still havent got a letter re the actual op yet…and it`s next Thursday!

So there you have it, my friends.

All this rubbish has left me feeling totally rung out and very very fragile.

luv Pollxx

my dear poll

you’ll come back fighting like a brave celtic warrior.

good luck with the spc op.

it is shocking how much things like muddled paperwork takes its toll

take care and rest up

carole x

Poll,that sounds awful,but you are one tough girl and the up-side is that part of your admin problems are sorted.

Wb xx

oh Poll, what a horrid experience and so frightening too for your lovely hubby. sending love and good thoughts your way xxxxx

You are really going through the ringer Poll, hope things improve soon. Try and keep smiling, take care sending love and hugs Karen xxxx

Oh Poll,

I hate to say it, but the paramedics are right!

I was going to say to you the other day, and wish I had: “Look, let the GP sort it out!” I’ve only posted on another thread this morning about what a state I get in if I’m having to phone the doctor’s all morning, getting nowhere. And I’m not nearly as badly affected as you! Although I feel slightly baffled about why not, I just can’t cope well with stuff like that, so there’s no reason you should be having to.

And I’m absolutely sure your benefits wouldn’t be affected, even if you never saw a neuro again. I don’t think that would be particularly wise, for other reasons (good to be kept on the radar, just in case any novel approach comes up), but although I know there are lots of horror stories surrounding benefits, I can’t imagine how you would possibly be found capable of work, or not to have substantial care and mobility needs, even in something out of Kafka!

If you don’t have a cast iron case for your benefits, is there anyone left who ever would? I don’t mean that to sound horrible, by harping on about how bad you are. But really, is it even up for debate whether you qualify? Hardly as if yours is a borderline or controversial case, is it? Your doc MUST know you can’t possibly work, can’t walk, and need permanent care. In fact, any idiot would be able to tell that. It doesn’t need a neurology qualification, does it? So I think you’re pretty safe, even if you ever decided to quit the neuro appointments, and just stick with the GP.

I hope you’re feeling better today, anyway. And I hope there won’t be a next time, but if there is, dump it in the doctor’s lap straight away, eh? You don’t need this nonsense!



Geeeez poll,sorry to hear this hope things go smotther for you from now on, keeping my fingers and toes crossed that all goes well for you next week.

Well done to hubby for the way he cares for you .all the best Barbara.xx

Oh poll hope you’re feeling a little better now. I know how hard it is to try and leave things for someone else but everyone is right - the gp should be sorting it all out for you - they get paid a fortune!!!

Poll I feel for you and how frightening it can be during a severe panic attackk. I experienced one of my so severe attacks and had to be given ooxygen by psramefics. I am glad that your appointments seem to be getting sorted. Sending you a hug :slight_smile:

Oh Poll, what a horrible time you’ve been having. Thinking you big (((hugs))) Sara xx

Really hope things start to go right for you, ((((BIG HUGS))))

Sharon x

Oh, Poll

What a horrible experience.

On the flipside at least it got a few things sorted. Maybe the powers-that-be have realised what this level of stress can do to a sweet lady who simply doesn’t deserve to be treated in this off-hand manner.

I hope everything else falls into place for you now. I think you’ve earned a rest from all the crud now

Tracey xx

Well my friends. What can I say…not that I usually am stuck for words, eh?

You`ve all given me great advice, which I take happily.

Tina, youre right and I shouldve got onto my GP straight away and then I wouldnt have got so worked up.

But when I was at work, I was senior and had several staff under me and i was responsible for training them and running the centre (tourist centre/office) and had to chase things up and make sure they were right. So thats the kind of lass I am. But reins have to be handed over at some point eh? Im an organiser and need to know things are sorted and in place and I am very uneasy when they aren`t. No medals for it, is there?

My head still feels thick and muggy, but just had a bit of retail therapy with 2 carers, Chris and Chris (yeh, it gets confusing…I cant control what people are christened, eh?)

I tired a lovely red and black fascinator on, for the upcoming wedding, but didnt buy it, as its too soon...........I dont even know when it is happening........I know, I cant influence that...........they can organise their own wedding, without input from me. In fact im gonna enjoy this daughter`s wedding, as I am just a guest. Good!

luv Pollx

Oh Poll

That sounds awful. You poor thing.

I have just got back from a few days away in our caravan. Really nice. That’s why I haven’t relied sooner.

Sounds like you have had a terrible few days. I have been thinking of you.

That sounds really frightening what you have been through. No wonder you are feeling ffagile.

I am so glad that it sorts as if they have sorted your appts out. Hope you got a big apology!!!

Take care of yourself.

((((hugs)))) Shazzie xxx

Apology? nah, that would be too much to hope for…but I`m not bothered, just as long as I get no further probs from them.

luv Pollx