getting scared! !

Getting well stressed! ! Third attempt to post… Had a letter today from the first appointment with neurologist. . His findings ankle jerks and knee jerks absent bilaterally and quite brisk bieseps and radial jerks bilaterally and walking normal and veering to the left in rhombus position. . Ive had loads of issuses headaches, , dizziness, leg and arm pain … muscle atrophy in left leg… fatigue the list goes on… was dx with degenerative disc in 2006 and polymorphic light eruption this year…! Waiting for mri results that I have done last week… im worried that this might be ms…

Hello Vicks

I can appreciate what a worrying time this is for you. I’ve just recently been diagnosed with MS in august.

Hopefully in a few weeks you will have the results of your scan. In the meantime its a case of trying to keep yourself busy with other things in order to try and keep distracted. I know its not easy but your at that start of your journey and sometimes getting a diagnosis one way or another can take a long time.

Allowing yourself to get too stressed will just aggravate your symptoms. Think of ways to relax…what about some massage or a meditation group. Spending time with friends and having a laugh…listening to music.

You will find plenty of people to chat with on here, so keep coming on and sharing won’t you?

Take care, Noreen

PS: weekends can be a little bit quieter sometimes

Forgot to say welcome

Hello and welcome. Just to let you know I had brisk reflexes on neuro examination as well as veering to right on romberg and reduced sensation to feet alongside the symptoms I had gone with yet my mri was clear. Not sure what it means as due back at neuro but please try not to worry. I know its hard being in the same position Axx

Hi… Firstly thank you Noreen and A for your kind words… Yes will try to be positive and as its near to xmas… but its very hard when feeling very tired all the time and the constant headaches… but hay ho we must carry on… gone this far!!! Merry xmas to you both Vickie x x

Have you been given something for the headaches Vickie? I suffer with haedaches/migraines…GP prescribed Topiramate.

Merry Christmas to you too


Was given tramadol on precription after an episode which put me in hospital. With pain that was off the scale… which had no pain on that scale since that… but I must say it took the pain away but didnt like its affects. . My mother said to be careful… they can be highly addictive. . Not had any since… Vickie x

I have chronic daily migraine and was hospitalised with them and given iv morphine so can sympathise. Luckily I was given a drug to take every day to stop them which is like a miracle if I get one now (which is rare) I take imigram (you can buy it from the pharmacy) and its gone in 20mins Ax

Glad you found something that worked… will ask about that tomorrow when I go to chemist…