Feeling Scared! !


New to this site. Dont know wherein its hirt!!

Right here goes, started in 2006 when had back problems , was refered by gp for mri and was dx with degenerative disc disease … had physio etc and seemed to working… i had no problems pain seemed to eased over the years… and pain free even… Then just over a year ago It all started again pain in my back then went into my thigh with muscle pain and atphoy in one leg with tingling in both legs… went to gp who basically threw at prescription at me and sent me on my way… i also had an unexplained rash! Back to doc was referred to dermatologist was dx with polymoric light eruption( allergic to the sun) was also tested for lupus… which came back clear… ive had numerous problem over the last 6mths or so with headaches which on 2 occasions I was taken to a&e given tramadol for pain which all tests came back clear. They told me to see my gp… which I did… I have a dropped shoulder body looks lopsided!! I, tired all the time headaches. Memory problem! Bladder and bowel problems… pain in my neck… the doc was reluctant to refer me but I pushed for a referal… had my first neurologist app on 4th nov and he was very good and did loads of tests and asked lots of questions… he requested that I had an mri which I had on 5th dec… today I had a copy of my first app of his findings… This is what scares me because I havent a clue what this means. My ankle jerks and knee jerks absent bilaterally and had quite brisk biceps and radial jerks bilaterally. Her walking was normal and she was veering to the left in rhombus position… what that means I have no idea… why cant they write things in english… given his findings so far and my other symptoms im scared that this could be ms,!

My apologies my post is so long… I could write alot more but id be here all night…

Just having to wait for result is pain in its self…

Hi Vicks Unfortunately doctors can speak a different language which only they can understand. Sounds as if you are getting anxious, understandably as to what is wrong with you. Can your GP translate the neuro letter for you. Do you have a follow up appointment with neuro. With time and practice it becomes easier to cope with doctors. For example being brave enough to say I’m sorry I don’t understand that please could you explain it to me in a way that I can understand. I always write everything down that I want to remember that the doctors says. As as sure as eggs is eggs I will forget as soon as I walk out the door. Good lick Min xx

Hi Min Im so pleased that I came to this site… feeling abit better that I can talk to people who’s kinda in the same boat as me… I never understand doc’s why can’t they put things in plain english… will call my surgery tomorrow see if they can shed any light on my nuros initial report… Just waiting for follow up appointment for nuro, only had my mri last Thursday. … Vickie x x

Rombergs is when you have to stand with your eyes shut. I would guess the ankle jerks etc are reflexes that are either absent for you or brisk looking at what you have put Axx

Thanks A

Going to ring doc’s in morning if I can get through.! See if they can de code it…

Have been looking on web but given up too scared…


Thanks A

Might ring doc’s if I can get through see if they can de code it

Been on web but gave up looking to scared…