General anaesthetic + Urology

Hi, I have had problems with incontinence for a few years now but it’s become much worse in the last year. Strangely, I also retain some urine at the same time, meaning that I get lots of urine infections. I have a planned cystoscopy (under general anaesthetic) to see what my bladder is like + to take samples of the bladder, and will also have a urethral dilatation (stretching of the urethra) with the intention of it improving the flow of my urine, hopefully preventing urine retention. I’m feeling quite concerned about the whole procedure as my health is not good at the moment, meaning that I’m off work, therefore I’m not sure it’s a good time for me to have a general anaesthetic, whilst trying to get stronger. Apparently, a general anaesthetic shouldn’t hinder me (an MS patient), but I’m not convinced. I think it could put me back a month or so / more. However, the procedure is only a short one, so hopefully only a small amount af anaesthetic will be used. Has anyone had any experience of general anaesthetics whilst having MS + has anyone had this particular procedure and has it helped you? Thanks. P.S. I’m on Tysabri - have been taking it for 3 months now.

Hi, whilst i``m not having the same procedure as you, I am having an spc fitted soon.

I will be having a ga, but wouldnt want it done any other way!

When discussing my wetting/retention problems with a urologist, he talked about stretching the urethra, but as that wouldnt solve my accidents (which are really due to lack of mobility and a delay in getting to a loo), so i chose not to have that done.

Have you had ga`s before and had bad reactions?

There are members here who have had ga`s, who do have MS.

I dont have MS, but a similar condotion.

I`m sure others will reply to your post.

Good luck.

luv Pollx

hi Sue, I had a GA last August for SPC and Botox for my bladder. I didn’t find it gave me any extra problems. I’m having another on the 24th for more Botox and removal of a stuck catheter. Like Poll the SPC was the only route for me. Good luck with your procedure Sara x

Hi Sue I have had 2 general anaesthetics recently and like Sara didn’t find they gave me any extra problems apart from being very tired for quite a few days after. It will be a short anaesthetic as you say so I’m sure you will be fine. Good Luck with the procedure. Linda x

Thank you for your replies. I had an operation when I didn’t realise I had MS, but I knew I was ill as everything was so difficult and I was struggling so much before the operation. Anyway, I think the anaesthetic made my fatigue worse + made it harder for me to use my muscles. Sorry you guys need SPC; I didn’t know what it was, but have just leart about it - it’s helped to put my concerns into perspective. Sara, presuming Botox has helped you then. All the best, you two. P.S. How do u press return on this site so u can write on the line below?

Thanks, Linda. When u say ‘quite a few days’, do u mean less than a week? And is fatigue a daily MS symptoms for u anyway or not?

Yes Sue fatigue is a huge symptom for me these days. It took less than a week to get myself back to normal. I too have gone down the SPC route! Hope all goes well for you Linda x

Hi Sue, I couldn’t ‘go’ at all! Such bliss! People I spoke to said how awful it was and how they had to catheter all the time. For me it was just what I wanted. It’s wearing off now after 10 months. The only down side is, if my bladder gets too full and I don’t empty, my bowels do! One or two accidents and near misses. still worth it though. We need a glossary page with all these abbreviations that we use, I’ve only just twigged what DMS stands for! I just press return as usual on my computer or iPad. Sara x

Thanks Linda + Sara, I feel more confident now about having the anaesthetic; more content now I’ve heard from real experiences, instead of just drs, as they aren’t the ones who have to suffer with the possible consequences. Not being able to go to the toilet at all must be very traumatic to deal with. Well done to all of you who cope with such problems. P.S. Pressing return is not working for me!