Frio neck cooler tie

With all the hot weather, I’ve found myself over heating quite a lot. I find that most of the time, my neck and brain feel like they are on fire, especially worse when it’s so hot outside. So, I’m not sure where I read it, but, someone was writing about cooling neck ties and how they wear them when out to cool their neck. I think they made them themselves. I decided to look up Frio products on Amazon( I already have a Frio pouch for my injections if I’m away) and they do neck bands. It’s just arrived and I’m currently soaking it to wear. Will let you know how I get on with it :slight_smile:

That sounds cool…just realised what I put no pun intended, I just sat in the Conservatory for all of five seconds my right leg cramped up so back in the shade. Would be interested to know if your new Frio is a success. I bought some of those cooling strips for my daughter when she was poorly, one night I forgot to peel it off her head and it was still cold in the morning. She had a bit of a stripe on her forehead too oooops! Mich x

Ha ha, poor kid lol :wink: yep, I’ve had the Frio neck thing on for a bit now and it does seem to keep your neck cool…so I’m quite impressed. I have found that I have to move the granules round a bit now and then so they don’t just bunch up, but it seems to be doing the job. I felt hotter without it, so might be a ruddy good purchase :slight_smile: x

I haven’t looked on line yet for the Frio, I have a habit of switching on the iPad and forgetting what I was going to look for…so I will do it now! I get alot of pain crampy feet and I put a small pop bottle filled with water in the freezer and use it to roll under my feet on the floor…it makes you jump at first but it works for me :slight_smile: Off to look at Frio things then better get some Zeds! M x

That’s a great idea M :slight_smile: if you do buy a neck cooler, check the measurements. I measured my neck and made sure I didn’t get one that’s too tight as anything tight around my neck hurts. I went for a large and I’m happy with it. I’ve got it on soak now so I can wear it later xx