cooling wristbands - which ones?


I was wondering if anyone could recommend some cooling wristbands? I’ve looked at some reviews on-line and they have been a bit mixed. The ‘delightful’ weather is still making my eyesight blurry as soon as I start moving around. I’m due to go on holiday in 3 weeks and I thought I would give wristbands a try. Anything to stop this ‘delightful’ condition ruining a holiday I’ve saved for two years to go on …

Any help would be much appreciated


I haven’t tried wrist bands but have a Kool tie - it does help. I would guess that cooling the neck would be better than cooling wrists.

Have a good holiday!

I have a pair of frio wristbands, they are quite awkward to put on even though they have a velcro fastening and can be impossible if you have soaked them for too long and they have got too fat as they won’t bend enough to go round the wrist, but they work really well and do cool me down very effectively.

I also have a couple of kool ties in different colours and patterns, they are much easier to use as they just tie loosely round your neck and look like you have a scarf on.

I can also recommend the Kool ties. I have several in different colours and they look just like an attractive scarf. They are a help on hot days and also when I have a migraine as they cool the main artery at the back of the neck.

Tracey x


Thanks, I might have a look at the frio wristbands and try not to soak them too long. I don’t get on with the scarves as I do a lot of photography and found they get in the way with my camera strap.

Best wishes,