The heat and 'cool tie'.

Hi folks

Used my cool tie today for the first time, I attended an MS support volunteer training session and was dreading it, must say I don’t feel anywhere near as bad as I did yesterday; so it seems to have helped.

Probably would prefer the ‘cool vest’ but I found it a bit pricey when I looked the other year.

Stay cool folks


Hi Wendy,

Sorry to sound dumb but what is a ‘cool tie’?



Ah Janet; just realised the brand name is actually ‘kool Tie’.

It contains some kind of crystals which when soaked in water will help to keep the body cool for quite a long time. My friend who used to be a nurse tells me that the ‘cool tie’ I was wearing yesterday would have cooled an artchery in my neck. As I said, I am sure the ‘cool vest’ works a lot better.

I read about them on this site; when I googled ‘cool vest’ this is what I came up with.

A cooling vest or ice vest or “precool vest” is a piece of equipment worn to cool a person down. Cooling vests are used by many athletes, industry workers, doctors, working dogs, people with Multiple Sclerosis or Hypohidrotic ectodermal dysplasia****, and by military pilots and tank crews.


Sorry just read this through, I didn’t mean artchery in my neck doh!


Thanks Wendy,

I’d never heard of them before and it sounds like a good idea especially in this hot weather, which absolutley finishes me off.