Grant and cooling vest

hey was just wondering how I can apply for a grant to buy a cooling vest and does anybody have any experience with a cooling vest what’s a good brand what’s not? Thank you

This page describes some cooling vests and has links to where you can get them

You could also try putting ‘cooling vest’ into the search box - there have been a few threads about these things. I’m afraid I haven’t any personal experience (a bit tempted by the cheaper ones on here).

Thanks I’ll go have a look

That’s all American - this ones English and looks good but I bet it’s pricey


That’s all American - this ones English and looks good but I bet it’s pricey

[/quote] That one is £150 on Amazon UK. A search for cool vests on there gives lots of examples from about £25 upwards.

As always, looking for the same products that are not specifically marketed to a “niche” market gives a much wider choice of product and cheaper prices. Cool vests seem to be commonly used by workers in environments where there are high temperatures. They work on a similar basis to Chillows that are wonderful things (I use 1 in my pillow. Bliss :relaxed:)


Thanks everyone I’ll have a look today :slight_smile:

Sorry if it feels like I’m a bit too interested in this but I am craving a cooling vest. I found this review of them, in relation to people with MS:

You can get the second best one on but the really good one only seems to be available from the US. I have rung them to see if they’ll send them here but only got an answering machine so far.

Hi I use the cooling neck ties they cost £1.00 on eBay and have been a god send in work and in the night my MS nurse recommended them to me last year and they are really good at keeping me cool :slight_smile:


Sorry about reviving sn old thread but wondered if there had been any development in products since 2016. I used to have a vest in 2009 (gel ice pack type) but gave up with it as only lasted a couple of hours, was bulky and the ice packs began to split. But last year was a nightmare and the heat exhaustion got quite dangerous a couple of times. I am ok in house (dog cooling mat, multiple fans, closed curtains and a lovely partner who shouts at me to remember to drink) but I would quite like to experience sunshine again! But as far as I know there still isnt a lightweight vest that does more than short term relief?