Frightened after a 999 admittance to hospital

Had an unwelcome (and unexpected) incident on friday. We (husband and myself) were sat on the sofa when I (it felt like) couldn’t move my head, arms and lower legs. I kept trying to move but they just wouldn’t, my husband attempted help me move to a upright position but everytime he released his grip I just flopped back. He rung 111 to ask for advice to help me as I was,by this point, becoming very frightened and upset. After he explained to the operator the situation they send an ambulance on a 999 to take me to A&E. The paramedics arrived and they had to use the trolley to take me onto the ambulance. After 3 hours on a hospital trolley (in a examination bay) waiting for doctor to see me, feeling started to return to my arms, legs and neck and 2 hours after the doctor seen me and bloods came back I was discharged Has anyone else experienced this? If so, how did you deal with it? Side note: my husband and I had a glass of prosecco each Thank you for any advice anyone can give Jo.C

Hi Jo I had a similar occurrence in 2015. It led to 999 call and ambulance/ hospital. I spent 5 days until all was well. Turned out to be UTI leadin* to Sepsis. Are you 9n anti biotics or been tested for UTI. I find it so easy to blame everything on MS. Paul

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Yep, exactly the same thing happened here. All night on a guerney in a and e. Staff excellent, in the morning I was discharged and had to make my own way home in my nightie, in a taxi. Good job I still adhere to ‘clubbing rules’ - always keep emergency ten pound in your sock otherwise I don’t know what I would have done.

That was my big wake up call to re-adjust to everything.

Thank you for your advice :slight_smile:

Sorry to hear about that. Glad you’re doing ok x