Long Time, No See, everybody

Haven’t been on here for about 3 months! At the start of March, was hospitalized after a uti, developed into a blood infection which was sepsis. Spent 4 or 5 days lying on my back not able to move until the antibiotics kicked in. Got discharged from hospital to a rehab hospital and was there for 5 weeks. Was quite happy there as I was in a safe environment and my legs were awful. Improved for the first two weeks, then the improvements stalled. After 5 weeks, got discharged due to covid worries. Had carers coming in twice a day as I couldn’t transfer at all. The transferring has improved but I still struggle in the mornings, so carers still come in if my wife is working, to shower and dress me. Slowly but steadily improving but still not close to where I was pre sepsis.

Got out of the habit of coming on here, even though spent tons on time iPad over the last few months.

so that’s my update. How’s everyone else been doing?


Sounds like you have been through an awful time of it Derek and still a way to go. I am sure familiar names will be popping up to entertain you with their tales - sometimes of woe. Take care.

Hi Derek,

What a horrible time you’ve been having, glad you’re improving however slowly.

Mind, glad to hear you didn’t get Covid 19 and managed to get help at home.

Boards a bit quiet at the moment but always something going on.

This heat is awful for me so glad to stay inside.

Take care and welcome back.


Hello Derek

What a misery. UTIs can be utterly dreadful, but yours sounds just about as bad as it gets. I hope the rehab unit was bearable. I’ve been in one a couple of times and they are brilliant places - I hated being there, but they do a good job. (I broke my femur in November, so am still struggling and nowhere near where I was before that!)

I hope your rehabilitation continues over time. Keep doing the exercises! That’s my trouble, I don’t do the physio exercises enough - it’s really difficult doing them alone at home. The big problem at the moment of course is Covid, so I’ve not seen my physiotherapist for months, I’m sure you’re in the same boat.

As Jen said, it has been fairly quiet here for a while. It’s odd, we’re all at home, I’m permanently attached to my iPad too, but we’re just not here as much! Don’t know why.

Stay well, keep improving, little by little, maybe soon your mobility will improve a bit more.


Hi Derek, glad to see you are back and still fighting…been through the mill alright!

Keep safe.


hope things continue to improve.

Hope you feel stronger very soon.Sounds like you have been through a tough time.Its quiet on here these days.

The rehab unit was great. Had my own room. Very peaceful. Now Getting weekly home visits from the physio which is very good. Doing lots of chair based exercises. Used to some before all of this but do much more now that the local MS exercise classes have been cancelled because of covid. Remarkably enough I’m actually enjoying the chair based stuff on YouTube. There’s so much stuff on there, so much variety to keep things interesting. Give me a year and I’ll have the physique of a chair-based Arnie - or maybe not but hopefully I won’t have a gut that looks like I’m pregnant with twins.

what’s also been nice is that my son has been working from home, and will be at least until September, and up until this week, my 17 year old daughter has been doing school from home, so the house is always busy. Our dog loves it too.

thanks for the good wishes - upwards and onwards!