Forum White List

Could someone please add my user ac to the whitelist, I made a post last night and have stayed logged in to
my account for weeks.

I made a post today and yet again I have to type the diplayed text yet again.

Surely you must be able to globally white list people that are MSS members or something!

Not sure why this code was not only added to registering a new account only?
instead of on every forum post someone makes

(I just made a post and 5 mins later made this post and being asked again word verication)

Thanks anyway

l had problems logging on to begin with when they changed this site. Even when my username came up it still would not let me log on - kept telling me it was someone elses name. Now l do not log off - makes it much simpler. l just google mssociety forum.

l will probably get told off now for doing the ‘wrong’ thing.


Hiya. Sending you an email address!