New Website. Confused :o(

Hi All Don’t know if I’ve done the right thing but I have had to re register as a new member as it I couldn’t log in and the website wouldn’t recognise my user name. It let me register with the same user name as I used to have so I guess there really is no record of me. The thing is when I was going though my profile settings there is a page that lets you chose which group you want to set as a default by if I try to pick everyday living it says it is a locked/closed group and you have to be invited by a member. I’m a little bit confused. Do I need to bother with this? Also this is a bit trivial but I look like a newbie now too. Thanks Katharine

hi Katharine I wouldn’t worry about the group thing, it hasn’t stopped you (or me) from posting. We all look like newbies here as the forum was closed down on Saturday and everyone since Sat is new. V