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Hi i had an email today saying if i dont sign in my account will be deactivated. the account is goldengirl63. This was my old log in and i was logged out on the new system.

I cant even remember the password on this account. My new log in is crazy chick. can you check this for me. others may have received similar emails that is why i am puttin it on forum.

Hi Goldengirl63,

We’ve noticed that you haven’t logged into our online community forum in some time, and for this reason your account is due to be closed soon.

To keep your account you must sign in before Friday 31 May.

There’s so many conversations to be a part of, from everyday living, support for family and friends or even sharing information around diagnosis and treatment.

We would love to keep you in the conversation, so come and say hello today!

If you do not use your account before 31 May it will be deleted along with all personal details.

This means that if want to use the forum again in the future, you will need to create a new account and you will not be able to use the same email address to do this.

We look forward to seeing you in the threads!


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