For the readers amongst us

I don’t promote things as a rule, but I thought this might help anyone stuck at home and short on funds. I signed up to yesterday. If you like reading, it’s worth having a look. There are many books on there that you still have to pay for on Kindle. E.g. The complete Harry Potter collection would cost £38.00 for Kindle and they’re all free on Goodreads. There’s an App also. Authors sign up because if their books are read, you can rate them (1 - 5 stars) and write a review. Promoting them to others, who prefer to buy them in print.

Thanks Juliet - I’ll check it out Jane xx

I took a look at this - could not find a way to sign up that did not take me to Facebook. I will have to try again, it only took moments to find two out-of-print books that I want

Other sources of e-books are Bibliotastic (for SF) and Library Genesis.

Calibre is a good tool to convert e-books from one format to another

Never forget Project Gutenberg - the original source for free reading (all out of copyright, of course - got the complete Sherlock Holmes)), and there are some other sources as well if you search for “free e-books”.

I burnt 200 books to CD, early this year, and will soon be ready to burn the next.


Hi Geoff On the right hand side of the home page, you can sign up without using Facebook details, it does ask if you want to use your Facebook details for the purpose of it accessing your friends, but you can skip through that. Hope that helps Juliet

I love Project Gutenberg for all the old classics. I have a Kindle and have downloaded about 150 books since march until now from a few pages on facebook - Ebook Korner Kafe, Korner Kafe Exposed (for the more adventureous mature reader ), Klassic Kafe and Free & Almost free Books which promote various mainstream and indie autors and lots of those are free or 59p or 99p etc so there are lots of cheap books out there.

As you can see - I have a problem. Hi my name is JellyBellyKelly and I am a book addict. Its been 3 hrs since my last download.

(p.s. not tell anyone but a friend gave me a flash drive with 3000 books - should keep me going til Xmas hehe)

Very helpful. Thank you.

Thanks for that will take a look.