...a Kindle Birthday...

Hi's been a busy week for was OUR 25th wedding anniversary on tuesday and my 50th's been a whirl.

I got a now I can start reading any book suggestions for a man of 50...going on 15!!!....would be most welcome....ta.

take care all of you....I'm now going to prepare for my Birthday Tea...sausages on sticks, Jelly and Icecream, Party hats and all thathappy2


Guido x

Hi Guido,

Happy birthday to you.

Hope you have a realy good day.

Take Care.


Do you like crime fiction? Try the Wallander books by Henning Mankell. They are great. Intense. Can't put them down.

Pat x

Oh bug*er forgot to say HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

Pat x

thanks Pat…it’s going to be great to start reading again it’s been a long time x

Happy birthday and congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

I have read hundreds of books since I first had to go on sick leave in August 2011 so I could send you hundreds of suggestions. Try Harlan Coben, I think he’s a good author and his books are easy to read and very enjoyable. My absolute favourite book last year was “when god was a rabbit”, you should try it.

Enjoy your kindle, I’m very jealous!

Hi guido happy birthday&aniversary, i have a kindle and love it.

If you go on to the amazon site put the name of the auther you like and all the books that is available for your kindle will come up.

also if you like the classics they are all free to download just have a look around the site i,me sure you will find something you like.

Happy reading.

Happy Birthday - mine is soon and I’m thinking of asking for a Kindle too.

Teresa xx

If you want an easy read, may I suggest Holes by Louis Sachar. Its young adult but its a great story that rockets along at a great pace. I read it at 34, so a bit outside the age range. 

Any of the Agatha Raisin books by MC Beaton are also a good easy read.

If you want comedy, I would recommend Tom Sharpe any of the early Wilt or South African (Riotus Assembly and Indecent Exposure) stories always make me laugh.  

Oh and Happy Birthday.

Hi, happy birthday and happy anniversary, kindles are fab so enjoy. Mine is full of Enid blyton books that my 7 year old daughter downloaded. Does Enid blyton take your fancy, lol, relive your childhood!

Happy birthday! happybirthday2

And happy anniversary!


Book recommendations (not sure if all of these are available on Kindle (fantastic invention!!!)), having carefully excluded all girlie ones happy2:

- David Gemmell (fantasy without magic; mainly about warriers - awesome! Start with "Legend")

- Christopher Brookmyre (thriller / crime fiction with some sheer genius touches of comedy - "One fine day in the middle of the night" makes me howl with laughter)

- Don Winslow (US crime / thriller fiction; quite unique; "The winter of Frankie Machine" and "The death and life of Bobby Z" are my favourites)

- Ian Rankin (the Rebus books; crime fiction, Scotland) [If you haven't read R D Wingfield's Frost books, then they are well worth trying too.]

- Michael Connelly (crime fiction, US)

- Steven Saylor (historically accurate Roman private investigator, Gordianus). [A lighter version are the Falco books by Lindsey Davis.]

- If you want something that you needn't engage your brain very much to read, then Lee Child is perfect (the Jack Reacher books; US ex-military cop good guy beats the bad guys).


Happy reading!

Karen x

Hi, happy birthday and many congrats on your anniversary.

This is a total plug, but as you asked for suggestions. My friend, Louise Gibney has written a hilarious book on Internet dating, her experiences. Seriously, if you knew Lou you would think, gosh, it could only happen to her :slight_smile:

It’s recently been made avaliable on Kindle and it’s called Girl meets Boys. And it’s cheap!

Suz xx

Hi, and happy birthday and congratulations on your wedding anniversary.

Just thought i'd mention you can download a sample of the book you're interested in, for free, to see if you like it.  Its a great invention!