For the bored

Good day all the lucky people in MSland, to help relieve any lingering boredom you may have whilst waiting to go out sledging when more snow comes, and to prepare for the singing on Hogmanay, let’s all sing that famous fish song, Salmon chanted evening, you may meet a stranger, you may see a stranger across a crowded room

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How about the famous pie song from The Wizard of Oz…

“Somewhere over the rainbow, weigh a pie”

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Hi Corrie, from a bored Chrissie

Some silly Cods Pullit all over the Plaice. Halibut the little shrimp in Hake That is in a bit of a Flounder without the deep Bass. The monk with a big mouth knows a few Barnacle Bills. So even though MS affects the mussels we limpet to overcome the waves of boredom.

All together now: Snow is thawing, all around us, we are falling, yet had no rum, People calling, folks we don’t remember, Merry Christmas, every one.

Really enjoyed the hour to think & type that, but at least not bored, cheers Corrie x


Hello Nana, I forgot about that song, thanks for adding it, Brian

Hello Christie, I bow to your fishy knowledge, you should have a wee lie down after that, Brian

Hi Brian, a wee lie down led to 15 hours sleep with a few bathroom breaks . Hope my post doesn’t make a sprat of myself though I don’t fish for compliments.

Always a sucker for a laugh, it’s fun to see the lighter side of life, I either fall with MS or fall hook line & sinker for a good old tall story.

Boredom eradicated, time for a nap.