so, 2nd day confined to bed, sooooo bored already,been answering a fw work emails but to be honest too tired to thing straight so dare not get too involved.

timw to dig out some old box sets of dvds me thinks.A least can type a bit better today.

S for all of ypu stuck at home too, hope your day isn#t too boring x

HI Bunny

Sorry you’re bored, let’s try and fix that!

Fun facts!

A snail can have 25,000 teeth.

No matter where you stand in Michigan, you are never more than 85 miles from a Great Lake.

Rudyard Kipling, living in Vermont in the 1890′s invented the game of snow golf. He would paint his golf balls red so that they could be located in the snow.

You can lead a cow upstairs but not downstairs.

It is physically impossible for pigs to look up in the sky.

At a glance, the Celsius scale makes more sense than the Fahrenheit scale for temperature measuring. But its creator, Anders Celsius, was an oddball scientist. When he first developed his scale, he made freezing 100 degrees and boiling 0 degrees, or upside down. No one dared point this out to him, so fellow scientists waited until Celsius died to change the scale.

On average, 12 newborns will be given to the wrong parents daily

Leonardo da Vinci could write with one hand and draw with the other at the same time.

PG xx

Awww, bless you PG thanks for taking the time to do this Snails, 25000 teeth, who knew!!!??


Hi PG…the facts are interesting but the one about babies going to the wrong parents is really worrying me!

Bunny, chuff the work stuff, enjoy the boxsets an chillax…

luv Pollx

Sorry you’re bored those facts above are brilliant…the babies fact explains my Brother then!

Speaking of which my Brother gave me a bottle of Cider (I don’t really drink,honest) anyway on the bottle it says made from ‘Pickled Apples’, I was showing my Mum today I said 'ere this bottled of Cider is made from ‘Pickled Apples’, then when I looked properly it actually says ‘Picked Apples’…and that’s me without having had a drink!!

So sit back & relax as Poll says, why not pour yourself a glass of ‘Pickled Apples’ :slight_smile:

Mich x

Ah - but we don’t know if those 12 babies were returned to the right parents later on. I hope so


I always knew I was royalty :wink:

Yes, I’m stuck at home every day,depending on how I’m feeling dictates what I do. I really love drawing, so I do loads of that. If I feel up to it I do laundry, if not, I don’t do it. I’ve learned to pace :wink: