For men with reduced sexual sensation

Hi there,

I suffer from reduced sensation in my genitals due to MS.

I have just discovered a prostate vibrator and it’s great.
Would definitely recommend it - it doesn’t take long to get used to it. :slight_smile:

I don’t think my other half would entertain that

Where do you get a prostate vibrator?

I have the same problem. Is it an easy thing to use?

You can get them from sex shops or online with a well-known adult party and lingerie site.
You must be comfortable with the thought of inserting something into your anus. Use plenty of lubrication and it is easy after a couple of times.
It directly stimulates the prostate leading to stronger orgasm, and it helped me with my erection difficulties too.
Please note I’m not trying to be filthy - I’m just letting people know that I’ve had a good experience with it and I know not all men would be comfortable with it. I was upset when I lost my sexual pleasure.

It’s personal choice just like we chose to use a particular drug or method of dealing with the restrictions that MS has put in place.