Flying with a dangerous weapon 1st post

Hi  - this is my first post  - have been looking at the posts trying to pluck up courage to write !.

Compared to lots of you on here I have had a relatively straight forward & quick  diagnosis - brief outline started at xmas numb feet & poor vision quickly got advised ON - went downhill from there. 

(plus point of numb feet -  new shoes dont hurt as much although have had to go back to flat granny shoes !!)

Right leg now gives way unexpectedly 

Got formally diagnosed with MS 1st May  so five months from start  which is very quick !! Sometimes feel too quick do not feel I have had time to take it all in.

As neuro thinks I have lesisons on my spinal cord get to start DMD - have decided to start when I get back from hols.  Found it hard to make the decision as to which one but have choosn Avonex mainly because injection once a week & with two kids did not want to be seen injecting or having to hide away. 

However the main reason I have plucked up courage to write is that I need some advice & this is a REALLY stupid question but I am flying & need to take my walking stick with me  ( collapsable one) after the flight not sure my leg will work when I have been sitting for a couple of hours. Anyway can I just take the stick on board with me or do I need drs letter or tell the airline ?  ( in case they feel it is a dangerous weapon) 

Dont want to get there & they tell me I cant take it with me. 

Apologies for my long email & thanks. 






Welcome to the sight Karen.

I don't know about the stick as i don't use one but i cant see a problem with it folded up in your hand luggage.

The ms decisions website is helpful in deciding which dmd to choose if you haven't looked yet.

It is important you do your homework before you decide so you know about each dmd so you can make an informed choice.

Teresa. x

I take my hiking pole with me when I fly and no questions asked.  I have never had any difficulty about taking it on board with me.  It just goes through the X-ray machine with everything else.  I would suggest that you arrive using it, though, even if you don't actually need it at the start of the journey.  No use making trouble for yourself or inviting unwelcome questions.  

I assume you have a doc's letter for your Avonex, BTW?  That you do need.  I always carried one, although I was rarely asked to show it. 

Bon voyage.



You're fine with the stick although they will make you stick it through the machine with your hand luggage

Thanks for your advice - Im not taking drugs with me - thought I would wait until after my hol unsure re side effects.  Felt couldnt cope with that as well at the min & whats a few more weeks !!!

At my appointment felt Dr was pushing me to make a decision there & then ! - Looked at the website after was then unsure between Avonex & Copaxone  - so have stuck with my original decision.

I will go in with my stick.  I dont need it that often - twice when my leg stopped working one was in the beer section of a supermarket  (not good) & the other at my kids school so have it in my bag more for confidence & reassurace. My husband said I would look more stupid if I kept falling on my bum rather than use a stick.



Is your husband related to mine?