Blinking Jet 2

I posted awhile ago about this but lost it so I am starting again. I was flying Jet 2 and asked to carry an extra piece of hand luggage for my medication. Their current rules is one piece only. I informed them I had a travel letter from my GP about my meds. They said yes I could carry 2 bags- happy me. Then a couple of days later said my GP would need to fill out a medical form. I said why waste her time when she had already done a travel letter. Jet 2 then said well ok but instead i would have to disclose my diagnosis so they could establish if I was fit to fly and if I didn’t they might refuse me boarding !!! Firstly I DO NOT DISCLOSE MY DIAGNOSIS UNLESS ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY - secondly the stupidity of them thinking g they can assess my fitness to fly by me disclosing MS - my GP already has done by writing me a travel letter. Thirdly how dare they threaten me and force me to disclose my diagnosis what an absolute invasion of privacy. Anyway the end of the tale is I had to disclose and I am awaiting a reply to my complaint letter- they say they respond in 8 days - its been 12 so far - hmmmmm No sorry the ps is watching people board the plane over 50% ladies had 2 bags some men too- what a shambolic airline that can’t even enforce its own rules. BA all the way with their 2 hand luggage rule Ryan air had the hand luggage police in the boarding queue to check you only had one and it was the right size!!! Ok min stop waffling you’ve bored these lovely people enough!!! Hugs Min xx

Never mind Min -lts good to get it off your chest - or perhaps thats where you should have ‘hid’ your meds. Why is life so complicated - takes all the joy out of travelling. l only go out on my Tramper scooter - can’t manage to travel abroad - and this morning l had a flat tyre. Managed to pump it up via compressor/car cigarette lighter.

Hope you get away safely and have a good time.