airports + toilets = me worried

Hey everyone,

sorry i havent been able to come on here properly, i will remedy that soon :slight_smile:

i have a quick question: i go away tomorrow and im worrying about te toilet situations in the airport and on the plane. I have an MS card and also a bladder stimulator which i got off the continence nurse but i dont think i can take that on the plane with me.

has anyone else had this problem reguarding toilets in the airport and on the plane? cos its kinda freaking me out alot.

Thankyou for replying.

I have 2 spare pants in my hand luggage and im taking pads in my hand luggage aswell. it still doesnt stop me from paniking though, its a 9 hours flight. im worried incase i cant reach the toilet each time.

I’d love to have that approach to things/life.

i know i shouldnt worry but i cant help it, last time i flew i was fine but considering i have a new UTI (just before my holiday) i cant help but worry.

Is it possible to explain that you have MS to airport staff beforehand- may get seat on plane closer to toilet/ may not have to tand in line for chekc in/ boarding etc.?Might depend on the company and how much notice they need, may be worth asking!

We all think it is only ‘us’ that have this problem - but when you get to speak to others you find most people at sometime have had ‘accidents’. l know it puts me off going anywhere. lt was very worrrying just going to the cinema recently - lt was a brilliant film - The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel - but even whilst watching this film about lndia - l kept thinking ‘where are the toilets’ -

You sound as if you are well prepared - so just go and enjoy yourself and have a lovely time.


Don’t worry,you are already prepared with pads etc, when you check in hand over your MS card and tell them you need an ailse seat near the loo. I have the same problem and have flown long haul a few times with MS and I’ve never had a problem. You can also either tell the flight crew or show them your MS card.

Enjoy your holiday,xxjo

I can understand your concern. Having a public accident is a big fear of mine too. Can you wear a pair of pull ups for the trip? They do look just like undies, are actually quite comfortable to wear and no one will know you are wearing them, promise! That way any accident will be well concealed until you can get to the loos to change and it will keep your clothes dry.

The other sideas of aisle seat near the loos and showing staff your MS card are great ideas too.

Try not to stress too much and have a lovely trip


Hi everyone, Thankyou for replying (sorry I havent replied sooner). The flight went perfectly -as soon as we boarded I asked could I go the toilet as I have a medical condition and they gladly said yes and if I needed anything else to just ask them! Seriously wasnt expecting that lol. Throughout our holiday I just took spare clothing and if I did have an accident I could easily change. My fear was being in the airport, on the plane and at immigration and needing the toilet but everything went smoothly -infact it couldnt have gone any better.

I had a wonderful holiday, I just wish it was closer and lasted longer lol!

Thankyou so much for the update. I am so glad it all went well and you had good experiences.

I am thinking about having a supra pubic catheter, as my standing strength for transfers is so dodgy.I do also use a hoist for times when I feel more tired and when in bed.

Our waterworks are a very major part of our lives.and they can either ruin or enhance it.

luv Pollxx

I am glad it all went well for you…and good for everyone to hear a positive outcome for us all with toilet fears.


When ever i fly i have always found airports and planes very accomadating there are alwasy toilets near to which ever gate you are flying from and even silly things liek booking an aisle seat I also no my own limitations so i make sure i try nit tio drink anything like tea or coffee till im actually on the plane As i travelalone if im in the boarding queue my shpowing my MS Card i have found people very helpful and willhold your place for you if you need touse the tpoilet befiore boarding Good luck and safe flight