I fly to the USA once or twice a year to visit my daughter. This is as you can imagine a challenge! I am in a wheelchair now and have to be carried to my seat. Using the toilet is my main issue, I have managed up to now but after previous flights that nearly ended with me having someone to get me up, I had to do something different . This year I wore the worlds largest and most uncomfortable incontinence pad. It worked, just, its a 7 and half hr flight. It was good not to have to struggle with loo but very odd to use and slightly worrying wether when I stood up to get out of plane that everything was as it should be, if you know what I mean!

Has anyone else had this problem or got any better ideas what to do, Im going again later in year and trying not to let this marr it but its a worry.

Ooh Magpie… I admire you for doing it. I’ve completely given up going abroad… just can’t deal with it at all. No advice to give you … but well done you for doing it. Pat xx

Me too Mags, you are braver than me, wishing you all the best.

Pam x

You’re braver than me too. The only thing I’d suggest is to try the pad with different pants as some keep them in place and less conspicuous than others. I’ve found more sturdy large (hold me in type) knickers can be very good for this Sorry gents, but she did ask!

Cath xx

I am catheterised and would struggle for that amount of time but could connect night bag discreetly. But I shall not be flying long haul again so not worrying me sorry not heartless just truthful. My catheter has made my life fantastic compared to before being fitted. I love it. I got supra pubic one no infections to speak of. Did have urethral one and had constantly infection, at least every six weeks was on antibiotics now twice in 19months. Urologist was against the supra pubic (his personal preference not medical based) he was a Pratt instantly disposable and I did and still do.

Hi Magpie, sorry can’t advise but could your local continence team.

I’ll tell you a story.

I went to Tenerife broke my left ankle quite badly, that happened on the first day not drunk honest, down to my undiagnosed MS,anyway in hospital for the next 6 days a private paramedic was flown out from England to escort me back home, I can’t use crutches didn’t know why at the time, no strength in my right side due to extreme weakness. I needed to use the loo on the flight. The paramedic tried to assist me to no avail cause isle not wide enough for 2 all the other passengers were watching, I was so embarrassed so I put the injured plastered foot on the floor to walk as the embarrassment was now more serious than the damage I may do to this foot, the paramedic made me halt and gave me a telling off. He ran up the isle and came back with the airlines sweetie/drinks trolley he and another passenger promptly put me over the trolley and whisked me to the loo if it wasn’t me on that trolley I’d have thought it was hilarious! Anyway I was helped back on the trolley and pushed back to my seat. Face beaming red!!

The steward came over and proceeded to have an heated discussion with my paramedic, apparently staff refused to let him use the trolley for the intended purpose for health & safety reasons, so he just took it and told them to do what they needed to. Again red beaming face!! Paramedic was as cool as a cucumber.


Pauline I’m sure everyone on the flight thought your paramedic was a hero. You made it the most interesting flight they’d ever had and yet I’m certain nobody would remember you. Definitely an interesting take in your memoirs. I enjoyed it. Hopefully it would teach airlines to keep a little wheelchair like the ones paramedics use.

Cath xx

Sounds like it could have been a carry on film Pauline, glad it done the trick though.

Pam x

Made me smile Pauline X

Me too Pauline ! Nina x

Pauline wonderful story, awful for you at the time, but it will make me smile everytime tthey bring the trolley round. The airlines are slowly changing, BA have an isle chair on board their planes now, I think the para Olympics helped. Itis a challenge but I refuse to let the MS stop me yet. As long as me and my husband can cope we shall carry on, maybe it might help to improve things as Im afraid I do tend to let them know when I think something could be improved! A toilet with bars for a start I always set the alarm off when I used them.

I hope to go on holiday this year -Marrakech- and really don’t want to be put over a trolley! It’s the loo business that’s holding me back from booking as I use a wheelchair and can’t even manage a few steps, but can weight bear. It was encouraging to read your post. I’ll investigate pads!