Flu like symptoms and random 5 second head and eye blank feeling

Can anyone relate?

im feeling weird, flu like symptoms but no flu, nausea, really random 5 second head and eye weirdness like jumpy and delayed in time Whilst happening it’s happened a few times today ? In bed now not sure if I’m just over tired

is this my MS, been diagnosed 14 year and still don’t know what’s MS and what isn’t

thanks guys

I keep reading and hearing people saying that they flu like symptoms, without actually having flu. Before I was aware of this I wrote down, a diary, of the same thing with me because it happened over and over again.

I have no solutions, only observations.

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i do get this i was told by my MS nurse its extreme ms fatigue, and it is usually down to that or i have had a busy few days. just rest it should get better.

Hi princesstlr. I get a flu-like feeling sometimes, even when I don’t have flu. Like you, I sometimes don’t know what’s MS and what isn’t. Well, some symptoms are obviously MS, but there are others where it’s just hard to tell.

People do say that brain fog and fatigue are MS symptoms, and those can be part of a “flu-like feeling” for a lot of people, so maybe this is partly to do with how we all describe our experiences, emphasising different aspects maybe. I know there is a term “malaise” which can be used to describe a non-specific feeling of being unwell that is a symptom of lots of illnesses and conditions. It’s definitely a symptom of flu, and I think (possibly?) an MS symptom.

One thing that happens with me is that, when I get actual flu, I usually find that various of my MS symptoms flare up very intensively, often for weeks afterwards. But this is the really weird thing, I don’t notice the flu itself as much as I used to before I had MS. I wonder if that’s because I’ve got quite used to having a background level of a non-specific malaise-y feeling as well as the more obviously MS-type symptoms.

If my partner goes down with flu he will be miserable for a few days, but then if I go down with it as well, it doesn’t necessarily feel like a huge change for me. In fact often the post-viral stage is worse as it’s then I will get the MS flare up.

This part is going to sound really weird, but sometimes when I have my vague version of flu (I know when I have it cos I’m coughing and sneezing and all the rest of the respiratory symptoms and because I usually get it a couple of days after my partner goes down with it), well the weird thing is that sometimes I almost wish it would kick-in like the “old-fashioned”, can’t-argue-with-that type of flu’s which I remember from pre-MS times.

Ok, I know how that sounds, careful what you wish for, right? But I have a half-baked idea that a proper, thorough-going dose of flu would sort of burn itself out and then I could be done with it. I mean the good thing about the flu I remember from when I was young was that I always got better from it! So maybe that’s what I’m missing, that sense of a finite illness that your body fights for a few days and then recovers from.

The more hazy malaise-y viruses I’m more likely to get nowadays are never as acute or knock-me-down-and-send-me-to-bed ferocious as the ones I used to get, but I don’t seem to be able to burn through them and come out the other side like I used to do either. Instead, they go on and on and on and on and on… You get my drift?

I don’t know if others can relate to this experience. Writing it down like that, I’m feeling quite foolish, and I know I will probably regret this comment if I go down hard with the respiratory virus which my partner has been struggling with these last few days!

Thank you all for your replies I really appreciate it :wink:

you need rest