Confusion about fatigue

Hi everyone,

I’d like to ask about the symptoms of fatigue. I’ve had a fairly busy week, and yesterday - Friday - I felt exhausted but also felt like I had a bit of a flu-like temperature/aching/lethargy thing. No sore throat, no cough, no runny nose, no swollen glands. So my question is: can fatigue ever feel like flu?


Hi Chris, answer to your question is YES. Actually in my book MS itself feels very like flu. Feel like I’ve had flu for about 6 years ago (minus runny nose etc)… and the worst of this is the fatigue.

My advice is to ‘flow with it’ as much as possible. A day or two in bed might help but if you can’t manage that try to have lots of rests. Remember Christmas is a very stressful time and MS does not like stress.

It is also possible that you have picked up a virus. Most people with MS have a hyperactive immune system, so when we pick up a virus our bodies do not react normally to it (because our immune systems are always in ‘battle mode’ anyway). So yes it’s possible you’ve got a virus.

Either way, rest, rest ,and then go and have a good rest.

Pat x

Hi Chris,

I ,like, Pat and Sarah get what seems like flu or terrible hangover(I don’t drink alcohol at all). I can usually tell it’s coming by getting a temperature and I have inflammation on both cheeks which just goes mad. I usually stay in bed for a day or two and when it calms down I come out of hibernation and try again.

It’s odd because although we’re not rr,we still seem to get these mini relapses. I do usually get a weird not exactly sore throat but strange unpleasant sensation in my throat and usually face and ear neuralgia(God I hate that)



For a week now I’ve felt like I have a virus. My legs are aching and feel weaker than normal and I keep falling asleep in my chair. My husband knew it was coming cos he noticed that the spasms in my legs were worse a couple of days before I started to feel ‘ill’. I must have ‘barometer legs’. My MS nurse always tells me that although I don’t have relapses, I do have ‘episodes’. This could be an episode, but whatever it is, it usually leaves me a little worse off. than I was before. Glad it doesn’t happen very often. Take care everyone and have a lovely Christmas.

Lynne xx

Thanks everyone for your replies, much appreciated. Turns out that the exhaustion was actually the start of a very nasty chest and throat infection, which now has me in its grip and I’m feeling completely shattered. An afternoon sleep is currently absolutely obligatory, and my mobility has temporarily gone down the drain.

Sarah - I’m glad I’m not the only one who mixes up words. I often come out with totally the wrong word, and it never fails to amuse me.