flu like feelings

hi all,

i have realised that in the last few weeks as my symptoms have worsened i also feel “flu like” without the fever or sniffles. my energy is low and even keeping my head up is an effort.

i do not have a dx, but have been taking meds for pain and fatigue for months so i dont think it is side effects.

the first time i had any symptoms i felt like this with numbness and tingling and they all went away within 3 weeks, returning 4 months later when their was an improvement but never left me completly. now the"flu" has returned slowly and i would like to ask if anyone else feels generally ill all the time.

lorraine x

Sounds like a version of fatigue perhaps?

It would definitely be worth seeing your GP and getting some blood tests done though - the last time I blamed MS for my feeling awful, I was wrong: my vitamin D had got too high!

Karen x