Flu Jab? It Certainly Is!

So much for the flu jab not giving you the flu… Had my jab yesterday and today I can’t stop sneezing/runny nose/ splitting headache Anyone else as lucky as me?

I am having mine next week. Last year no problem, I hope not this time either. Sorry you got some problems.

Had mine on Wednesday and must admit for the first time felt rough as a dog , when i went to bed , banging headache , shivering and generally aching but thinking about it a day later realising if i hadnt had the jab and got flu it would probably be like that x 10 and lasting 10 x longer so my moral is no pain no gain !!

I went to the docs on Wednesday to review some meds and I asked him about the flu jab. He said ‘do you want it’ I said ‘yeah’ he said ‘pull your sleeve up then’ and did it on the spot. Bit of a sore arm but I can’t tell whether I feel rubbish because of the jab or rubbish because of rebif. Either way, it’s no biggie. Suz xx

Sounds like a cold, the flu jab sadly won’t stop those… If you had the flu, you wouldn’t be on the computer. Don’t worry, I doubt very much it’s the flu.

Had my jab today, no problem.

Sorry you’re doing badly. I had mine on Monday and, as usual for me, absolutely no problems at all (except for a little soreness on my arm where I had the injection). Hope you pick up quickly. Dan

I had my flu jab mon no problem just a sore arm good luck to you regards Jan


Hi Im exactly the same and I have it every year. The practise nurse, who is a nice person and I get on well with her is quite insistant about having it. Having it thursday so this weekend is going to be a dead loss and remember I’m male so it will be man flu for me and we all know that men get it worse than women.

I had mine last Monday, not had the sniffles but I’m aching a lot, Al x

Had mine on Saturday in the doctors production line. Bang on time. Hurt more than usual but no side effects - not even a sore arm. I work with children so it’s important I avoid the flu :slight_smile:

Had mine on Saturday…so far so good! luv Pollx