Is this a normal reaction?


Had the flu jab last week, first one I’ve ever had. The nurse told me my arm may ache and I may get a "fake like " flu. I really didn’t know what to expect but a day later the injection site really hurt and I had a really big lump swelling.

The same night I developed a sore throat, next day a streaming cold and terrible aches/pains, high temperature, bad head, felt sick and totally wiped out, this has lasted five days and I’m only just starting to feel slightly better ( still got a really bad headache though and slightly nauseous)

I’m wondering if it was actually worth having. I’ve had flu once about 5 years ago and I do remember that was pretty unpleasant and I was out of action for a couple of weeks but if this reaction is what happens every year then I don’t know whether to have it anymore.

Has anyone else had this reaction?


I usually get the sore arm and achey feeling, but one year I felt dreadful, hot and cold flushes and totally zapped out. They vary the jab every year, but on the whole I would say most definately worth having it, as if you did get the flu again it could take a long time to get over. But remember we are all different and it reacts more in some. Hope this helps.