flippin' PPI calls!!!!

Grrrrrrrrr… i’ve been signed off sick for a few weeks now, and i’m staggered about the number of PPi claim and personal accident calls I get during a week! Even though I have paid to be on a call preference service the calls still come through!! If all the calls were correct and I was entitled to as much money as they seem to think i am I would be pretty well off by now! And the personal injury calls… well it seems i’m in a new car accident every week apparantly, pretty bad luck especially as don’t drive anymore. When I tell them i don’t drive they quickly revert to telling me i was a passenger, fasinating…I know i’m suffering from a lot of confusion right now but i think i’d remember a car accident! I’m afraid i’ve got to the point where i’m just rude to them now, even when I politely tell them i’m not interested and their information is wrong they still keep pushing. Rant over… sorry…


I know excatly what you mean, I have never had a credit card, loan, over draft etc etc nor have I been involved in any kind of accident or personal/ work related injury and I’ve never drove.

Yet bombared with texts, phone calls etc and if you do actually speak to somebody(not a recorded message) they don’t believe you.

I wonder if they ever work? I suppose they must do otherwise they wouldn’t bother, but everyone I know is driven mad by them.

We even get them at work (branch of The Works bookshop)