Flight socks without flying

I have had a small op because of a hernia recently and I had to wear ‘flight socks’ to avoid blood clotting. As I seemed to think that my legs were far more ‘lively’ than normal (I could feel the blood going through my veins), I kept on wearing them after the operation.

I took them off at some stage when going to bed and I can hardly describe the itchiness that overpowered me then! Still, I would like to keep on wearing them now and then, because of the ‘sensation’ in my legs (although I will cut the periods shorter I suppose).

FYI, I ‘have’ SPMS and I can still sort of walk, in a very stiff way, short distances.

I just wondered if any one can throw some advice/ experience/ ‘telling off if necessary’ into my direction?

Many thanks beforehand.

Sorry, it’s me again. This is more a question to those people with a medical background. I still wear those socks on a regular basis, as it most certainly seems to create pain relief for my foot soles.

Yesterday however I started to have most annoying ‘dragging’ pains on the inside of the upper arm on the right, just under the shoulder (where my muscles used to be far more apparent…). I can still feel it now, although much much less than yesterday evening, early morning.

Could this have anything to do with wearing those socks?? (which I wore for the last time just before going to bed yesterday evening)

I do not want to sound like being naïeve, as I just thought that it was rather an innocent thing to do (and still might be?).

Thank you for any related reply beforehand.