Feet & lower legs very sore and numb

not long back from a nice holiday in Greece, although the Greeks seem to have an interesting interpretation of accessibility!

While I was away and for the first week back, feet and ankles were very swollen. I’ve sorted the swelling thanks to a strict regime of compression socks and elevating the feet.

however, despite the swelling going away, the lower legs and especially the feet are very, very sore, especially in the evenings and are also far number than before.

Any hints to help combat this?



Its all Greek to me lol.

Rest. You can get swollen feet without MS from flying. It will take a little time for your body to readjust. You can soak your feet empsom salts, and just elevate. Going on holiday is huge without MS.

I am glad you had a good holiday i love greece and the food. I find by the way the more i push myself to walk the more my feet hurt with nerve pain.

but really just rest and soak. xx

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