Compression socks for bedridden patients

Does anyone care for someone who is wearing compression socks in bed. ?

. I am bed ridden 24 / 7 and am hoping to find advice on which brands are better. I’m hoping for similar ones they use in hospital for immobile patients . I have lymphodema , water on my legs and feet. I need to try and compress them and stop them getting worst. , whilst I’m in bed. I can rarely walk now, so it’s important I get the right socks. Some socks are for athletics and so on.

Ive looked online shopping, and there are hundreds of brands , it’s just confusing me . Hope you can help or advise me . Thank you .

Sorry hun, cant offer any advice on stockings, but do you have anyone who can give you a lymph massage? ie press up from the feet towards the heart.

Miy carers do it for me for swollen feet.



I have just bought my self some compression socks (flight socks) from

maybe of interest?

ps dont you need to be measured for them…by a district nurse?



Thank you all for replies.

Yes I will try and find out more about lymph massage and try and get my carer to have a go…sounds great. Hes done normal massage , but I’m gathering lymphodema massages are slightly different.

I’ve ordered my compression socks on a uk site …I only manage to get one socks for one leg from my gp…lol…they forgot the other leg. So I bought the other . Am using them already . I have white liners , inner socks, then an outer beige compression sock . I’m noticing difference already. Less tight, less pain, less discomfort , but too early to see if swelling really goes down.

I was prescribed JOBST ULCER CARE COMPRESSION SOCKS . They are a bit dear …but if you ho too cheap, they lose elasticity quickly . So I’m hoping these will last a long time. I also bought wrist gauntlets … I’m looking into Epstein pressure bandage for my neck edema …but need to check with ENT first. They might make my bruxism worst.

Yes I did get measured by my district nurse …my legs I mean. But it took about 6 week before I got my compression sock. So from now on , I will order and pay for JOBST brand compression myself , as I dont want to hassle my gp. I did try buying other brands from start from amzon, but ending up sending them all back, as they were rubbish, too tight, too big, etc…so I asked gp for help. Even my chemist wouldnt advise me which to buy over the counter … …so I had to get them on prescription . Now I have brand name , I can shop with confidence. JOBST are brilliant…and made in usa …so slightly harder to get hold of in Britain.

I almost forgot…my gp prescribed FUROSEMIDE water pills to help get the swelling down. It’s working slowly. I’m on 40gms a day. It’s quite a strong pill, so it’s for the heart, liver and kidneys as well. Doesnt work for every though apparently , everyone reacts different to this…so they give you a small trail of low dose first.

hi ao

practitionetrs should be trained in lyphatic drainage.

stockings are beetwr that spxks cos the cover more of the leg

there are sizes from xs to xxl. thats the length

different mmHg thats how tight they are. minr 15-20

sigvaris opalis medical are mine. gp prescribed first pair then i got another 2 pairs cos i coukls get them cheaper-thats anothe story…

my careers have been at sessions with so the understand the basics of what the aim is. they dont do what the qualifeid lady does but they know how not to do harm.

its essential to get the proper script for you

practitioner tesred my blood oxygen levels in both feet/legs before prescriobimng stockings.

i will try to answer any ? but please do your homework to get prpoper advice.


Had Lymphoedema for years, got the Lymphoedema nurse that comes out every few months to measure my legs, the benefit has been great, socks can only be warn in daytime not over night. Recommend asking Dr to be reffered to clinic.