Lymphodema problems


Does any have lymphodema on their legs or feet , or even on arms and wrists ?

I would love to get some advice on how to control or cope with this condition.

It’s basically where water fluid builds up in your legs and a pitted mark is left when you press hard on the most swollen part.

I can no longer wear shoes, and only just worked out why. It’s only now, that the swollen part are causing alot of pain. I’m in bed 24 / 7 , so I just assume weight gain and lack of exercise has caused this.

Can anyone help or advise ?

Hello- sadly I have bilateral lymphoedema - have you had yours confirmed. I was misdiagnosed for years- best thing is to research in your are whom treats this- it may be a hospice and they have part of it to do with lymphoedema or vascular department in hospital. Have a look on LSN- Lymphoedema Support Network.


this is frustratuing for me currently cos my brain eyes anf fingers aint talkjinf toeach other but i willl try my best.

your gp is right-thwey wont help at all currentyl

i was aeem by a lady who is trained in kklymphatic drainahe approx 10 years ago and we are stikk in contact (no appts face to face for months)

you need to get the right srtockings for you or you may makwe things worse.

my gp prescribed my first pair after my consult with this lady. after that i bouhgt them mtself as i got them chearep than the nhs coukkld (thats another srtroy!)

am more tham happy to try and hwewlp. ask antyhing you wanr as am happy to share my excperince


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I used to suffer that a lot (lymphoedema) and the only thing that helped me at all was a ‘Chi Machine’ I bought mine at least 15 years ago now and it’s still going strong. I had seen that it was used in Australian hospitals for bedridden patients. It cost quite a lot at the time but after 2 weeks of usage my feet and ankles were so much improved. :slight_smile: I am not able to use it on the floor (which is optimal) but I can use mine on the bed as long as it’s placed on something firm.

I was so impressed with it that I bought a MUCH cheaper version for back up just in case it stopped working (it hasn’t) in one of those German supermarkets beginning with an L and even that’s not at all bad. Might be worth looking into?