Compression socks for bedridden peeps

I was hoping to find advice about compression socks.

I’m currently bedridden 24/7 after deteriorating so fast over the last couple of years. I now have trouble with bloated legs , water retention etc, lymphedema…where I press into skin and it leaves indentations. I’m now in a lot of leg pain etc , they feel tight and achy.

Now I’m looking to buy my own compression socks, ones that are prescribed in hospitals or for people who are bedridden at home.

Can anyone help me ? Do any of use them yourselves in bed? Would love to know which brand you are using…which are the best to buy ?

I’ve heard there are ones to wear when active, and others you can wear when inactive and in bed. The ones they use for surgery looks ideal for me.

They are quite expensive - maybe talk to your GP and get them on prescription. In our chemist we see a brand called “activa” most. They come in different class compression, thigh length or below knee, open or closed toe, also different sizes and colours. I dont know if they are suitable for people who are bedridden. Hope this helps

Thank you. I will check out this brand. Yes my gp is prescribing ones for when I get moving…which I find bizzare because I rarely get up. She said they dont prescribe ones for bedridden patients. I know they are costly…that’s why I’m hoping to buy the right ones.

have repliwd on another tghread to you