Fleas! 8/

Hi All

Just wanted to let you ALL know that I have hundreds off invisible fleas biting my legs, side & belly!!! Ewwww!!! Screeeeeaaaaaammmm!!! xxxjenxxxx

Thanks for sharing Kizzy!

I have nits on ma heed and bed bugs, lol! xx

BED BUGS!!! BED BUGS!! yes yes yes!! They were partying in my bed last night too!!

Eww! no nits though!! LOL


Just think it could be worse it could be worms!!!

Well keep them to yourself, I dont want my dogs getting them.One has long hair and it would be a nightmare!!!

Waa haa haa Pip!!! Worms!!!

Ewww - sure it’s them that are in my muscles at the mo!! Wriggling and squirming about!!! Not roundworms, not tapeworms - no they are fasciculationworms!!!

Remind me never to visit Kizzy as I may catch her flea,s.

Oh wait,to late Ive already got some of my own.


Don’t Joke!! my six year old has just had worms, we’ve all been treated (husband very reluctantly took the tablet ha ha!!). Not cured the creepy feeling I get on my scalp though…horrible!!

Eww! Just watched a video on helminthic therapy - interesting - I’ve seen leeches being used for pressure sores very successfully so who knows eh?

The invisible fleas have gone this morning thank goodness - horrible things! I used to think it was caused by being too hot or washing powder or anything! But I guess it’s the nerves doing it somehow. I can look at my leg and you would swear there were invisible insects biting - nasty prickles like needles going in - just like bites but nothing there!! LOL

Vicky - the joys of children eh!!! But at least when they are real we can zap them!!! xxxx

Anyone for Guinea Worm?

EEEWW!! In Wales we say Uch a Fi !!Just googled it and watched the video x those poor poor people infested with it!!! How horrible xx so glad it’s heading for extinction xxjenxxx

My welsh grandparents used to come out with that exclamation and sometimes my mum. Never would have guessed it was spelt like that.

It’s a wonderful expression!! I can’t think of any english word that quite matches it x A bit lke Hiraeth - you have Welsh in your soul so you should feel what that is xxjenxxx

I am from Wales…

I LOVE my country of Wales.

My heart belongs to WALES…

Hello fellow Welshie!!

Who won the Grand Slam!!! We won the Grand Slam!!!