Its (for once) not all about me!!

Hi all, and apologies in advance for this post, but for once I’m not at all worried about the Adem v MS battle that is going on in my brain!

If you are still reading this then I will explain.

My beautiful 7 yr old (with very long thick golden hair), has been a little itchy of head recently. The hubby, Granny and myself all checked vigorously in case someone at school had passed on an unwanted visitor colony, all to no avail!

As a last resort I visited the doctor thinking she may have exma ( can’t spell anymore!) She examined her and very cheerfully announced " look she’s got NITS!"

Daughter burst into tears, I went a peculiar shade of red, and hubby and I both got uncontrollable giggles as did doctor who saw the funny side of us wasting her time!!

Anyway the little critters have been blasted and all beding in the house washed and changed.

Just thought I’d share as its so lovely to be worried about something normal!

Wishing you all a nit free weekend!


LOL! Hateful little b****rs!

I had the same problem with my son one time. Couldn’t see anything so wrote it off as imagination. Weeks later decided to comb his hair just in case - thooooooosands of the little b****rs! Absolutely tiny almost transparent ones - no wonder I couldn’t see them! And here was I thinking he was imagining things! Oops!

Note to anyone thinking “disgusting!” - lice like CLEAN hair!!! LOL :slight_smile:

Karen x